Insert Artsy Title Here

In 3 days I’ll be leaving for Memphis, Tennessee for my fourth missions trip. Basically, I’m really excited. This will be my third time in Tennessee. I’m going with 19 kids/leaders from my youth group. Although, I am super excited, I also have a few concerns. Mostly health related. I’ve had a really stressful pastContinue reading “Insert Artsy Title Here”

Finding My Voice In A World Full Of Noise

   Over the past year my photography skills have gotten significantly better. I almost cringe looking back on old pictures I used to like because…wow. They were not good. Since getting my Nikon I have really been able to mature as a photographer and really ignite a passion for art in myself. I never wantedContinue reading “Finding My Voice In A World Full Of Noise”

Things On My Mind

“Peace will win, fear will lose.”-twenty one pilots “Fear says Imma perish bro but that ain’t what my Lord says.”-Lecrae “I wanna thrive, not just survive.”-Switchfoot “I’m only at it again as an addict with a pen who’s addicted to the wind as it blows me back and forth.”-twenty one pilots “So while you haveContinue reading “Things On My Mind”

Saving Autumn: A Preview

   I’ve been giving you guys hints and quotes from my NaNoWriMo novel for the past month; but now I want to give you the first “chapter” of my book. I’m trying to begin the ruthless re-writing stage which I have no idea how to accomplish or where to start or anything. But it’s gottaContinue reading “Saving Autumn: A Preview”