My Characters: Azlyn Dever

   Let’s talk about Forlorn Hope. The novel I’ve spent the last 2 (and a half?) years writing and rewriting and plotting and editing. I don’t talk about it a lot because frankly, I don’t feel like people care. But lately I’ve been really working on it and I wanted to share it with youContinue reading “My Characters: Azlyn Dever”

Things I Learned From NaNoWrMo

   Hello people of the bloggersphere! I have returned from my month long adventure that was NaNoWriMo. I have been tweeting my journey (@geek4God66) so those of you that follow me there know that I did indeed win this year. Yay! It was so different from my first time. I wasn’t able to write atContinue reading “Things I Learned From NaNoWrMo”

NaNoWriMo And Other Nonsense

   The last time I blogged was October 16th.    Whoops.     I keep meaning to but then my mind gets caught in all this overthinking with thoughts that range from “No one cares that you’re writing a novel in a month” and “blogging is selfish and you should just delete yours.” This is the first time I’veContinue reading “NaNoWriMo And Other Nonsense”

Saving Autumn: A Preview

   I’ve been giving you guys hints and quotes from my NaNoWriMo novel for the past month; but now I want to give you the first “chapter” of my book. I’m trying to begin the ruthless re-writing stage which I have no idea how to accomplish or where to start or anything. But it’s gottaContinue reading “Saving Autumn: A Preview”