About my services: 

It is my goal as a photographer that when I take photos of you, you will feel confident and beautiful. I hope to create an environment when I work that allows you to feel empowered. I believe that photography is a collaboration with the photographer and the subject, and I love welcoming the model to be a part of my creative process.

Whether I am photographing and event or a family or an individual, I strive to always make creativity and passion my main focus.

Artist Statement of conceptual work:

My art is a glimpse of how I see the world. Sometimes I see the world as a beautiful place and sometimes I see it as chaotic darkness. My photos are the depictions of thoughts that words cannot describe. It is more than therapy. For me, photography is a means of survival .

I hope to create art that resonates with people. I hope it makes you think deeper or feel deeper, even if you can’t place why.