So Beautiful

Hi my name is Faith. For me I never used to worry about how I looked. But as I got older I started to worry about what other people thought of me.I would try to look nice wherever I went. Every time I looked in the mirror I thought I looked ugly. I would always see my crooked teeth and the scar on my face. But then one day I was walking to my friends house with my mom and on the way my mom started talking to some older women. Then one of them looked at me and said “You look so beautiful! You should be a model!” I was shocked! No one had ever said anything like that to me ever! But even after that I would still think of myself as ugly.
Then awhile later one of the ladies at my church told me that I looked gorgeous. I could never believe it. Then a week or two after that one of my friends saw some pictures of me and told me that I should be a model. Even with everyone around me saying I was beautiful I refused to believe it. Now i try to remind myself “God thinks I’m beautiful, thats all that matters.”
Every time I feel ugly I listen to songs that encourage me like So Beautiful, not songs that bring me down. Talking to my friends or my family always helps me to feel better about myself. But I always pray about it, God has helped me through so much!!! Some times I feel discouraged when my friends or the people around me look so much better then I do. But I try to remember that true beauty comes from the inside. I may never be Mrs. America, I may never get married or even have a boyfriend, but if people only like me for how I look they wont see the real me. If someone only loved me for my beauty that wouldn’t be real love at all, real love is when someone loves you for who you are. My mom helped me learn that, and that’s my story.