About Faith Marie

I’m a photographer, writer, speaker, and graduate student in clinical psychology. All of my work tends to revolve around similar themes: religion/deconstruction, sexuality, disability/embodiment, mental health, and feminism.

Professionalism aside, I love reading and watching films. I’m a Winnie The Pooh enthusiast and I can quote basically all of When Harry Met Sally. I can often be found crying on public transportation or at a bar screaming about baseball. I cannot tell if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. I’m an enneagram four. I read and write angsty poetry. I’m the second oldest of nine and a former homeschooled kid. Welcome to my little part of the internet.

About my services: 

It is my goal as a photographer that when I take photos of you, you will feel confident and beautiful. I hope to create an environment when I work that allows you to feel empowered. I believe that photography is a collaboration with the photographer and the subject, and I love welcoming the model to be a part of my creative process.

Whether I am photographing and event or a family or an individual, I strive to always make creativity and passion my main focus.

Artist Statement of conceptual work:

My art is a glimpse of how I see the world. Sometimes I see the world as a beautiful place and sometimes I see it as chaotic darkness. My photos are the depictions of thoughts that words cannot describe. It is more than therapy. For me, photography is a means of survival .

I hope to create art that resonates with people. I hope it makes you think deeper or feel deeper, even if you can’t place why.


I’m available for speaking engagements to speak about purity culture, deconstructing religion, the intersection of religion and sexuality, and disability awareness, among many others.

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