Spring Break And Stuff

Happy spring break! Unless you had your spring break some other time, in which case, I’m sorry. But spring break has officially kicked off for me, since I got out of my last class for the week earlier today. I’ve been brainstorming blog topics but I kinda came up empty handed, but I promised I would blog during my break to let you guys know I’m alive. (I feel like every other post I do is a “hey I’m still a thing!” post.)


  I thought about talking about my characters or my novel but it always feels weird. It’s not something I talk about on here and I’m not sure why that is. I also thought about talking about art but I realize I do that a lot. I’ve also said almost the exact same thing before. Oh well. Once I decide to share or not,  I will.

   I guess since I can’t write because of writers block, I shall make a list. Of things I’m excited for and working on this spring break as well as things coming up.

   -writing the 3rd draft of ’14 nanowrimo
   -binge watching Mr. Robot with dayle
   -getting ready for my thyroid biopsy on good friday
   -trying to find some books to read (recommendations anyone??)
   -attempting to understand the relationship between who I am as an artist and to who I am as a Christian
   -likewise, thinking over why there aren’t any known believers in surrealism photography
   -thinking about art too much
   -comparing myself to other people even though I know I shouldn’t
   -being insecure about my photography
   -trying to take it easy because I think my lupus is doing things
   -being excited for Captain America: Civil War
   -oh yeah I redesigned my blog to fit my personality more
   -being obsessed with Marina And The Diamonds and Halsey
   -waiting to get my jumper from theatre club at my school (it has my last name on it and everything!)
   -talking politics apparently??? I know. who have I become.
   -finishing Tina Fey and Felicia Day’s books. (they were rad.)

I had to include that selfie. Because my models really aren’t scary. They’re little cuties.

Plus, the story Diana created in pictures. 


   Are you guys on spring break? How have you all been? I’ve been doing my best to catch up on reading your blogs and commenting. I’m getting better at it.

   May the Force be with you.

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

11 thoughts on “Spring Break And Stuff

  1. I'm so glad you get to enjoy spring break now. Getting off school for a week is seriously the best, so I hope you have a wonderful time of it and get all rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the semester. ^_^ Also, PHOTOGRAPHY gorgeous as always. I espesh love the 2nd pic — so haunting.Praying for your thyroid biopsy; also trying to find good books to read and time to read them; also attempting to understand the artist/Christian identity; also excited for Civil War; loving the new blog design — it really is so you; and talking politics yes same.Hope you have an absolutely brilliant Spring Break, dear!!


  2. Those pictures are stunning, the model is gorgeous. The first couple are just so artsy, I love it! And hey, if you have Goodreads, we can share recommendations there!~Noor(lovin the new design, your bio is really nice, I love how you've done it :D)


  3. dang it i wish i was on spring break. mine starts in a little less than a week, but do enjoy yours! your photography is stunning, as usual babe. i wish i had half your talent ❤ xx emily


  4. Funny, I'm near the end of my Spring Break; I'm returning back to school on Monday. Nine more painful weeks of banging my head against my math and chemistry book before summer, ack! But I cannot wait for Civil War to come out, even though some people who told me about the early reviews say that the last ten minutes were \”an emotional breaker.\” 😥 I doubt they'll go the route of the comics, but if they do, then the water in my eyes will just go down, like a waterfall. WATERFALLS WILL FALL FROM MY EYES. Have fun with this week!xoxo MorningThe Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average LifeP.S. Thanks for your comment on my most recent post. ^.^


  5. Spring break is a wonderful thing, but alas, I have to wait one more week for it… I'm glad you have an eventful break planned, though. Artistic challenges are hard, but they are so worth it. KEEP GOING! You have a gift to express story through your photography, the rest is practice. And breaks give us lots of time to practice, don't they (if we don't waste them on Netflix). I got this book for Christmas that is about being a Christian artist. I haven't read it yet, so I can't recommend it, but it's called \”Walking on Water\” by Madeleine L'Engle.


  6. THANK YOU! I just went and put that book on hold at the library after reading about it. that sounds AMAZING! It's just the kind of book I was looking for! you're a life saver!


  7. Glad to help! It is next on my to-read list after I finish a practical book called \”Toxic Charity.\” I'm really looking forward to reading it, and we must discuss it if we both end up reading it!


  8. That first shot is so epic, so haunting. I'm all about that black and white! Also, I love your heart for God and photography. Christians can be artists, too — after all, God is the best Artist of all time! And keep pursuing surrealistic photography, because that is just rad. As for book reccommendations, have you read Jackaby? It's gnifty!


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