‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’ Review

   Hello all.

   Today we’re going to do something a bit different. I did a book review (since survey says you guys like those.) BUT I did it with NikMakPattyWak and its a youtube video. She invited me to be featured in a video she did so here it is. So I apologize in advance for my face. And my everything. I don’t know man it was my first youtube video. If you guys like it though….yeah kidding I’m not making any promises that I’ll ever do that again.


   But yeah. Enjoy this lovely video and if you like writing and stuff, my friend’s channel does a lot of cool writing tips. (Her writing blows my mind, honestly.) So give her a follow or whatever. She’s pretty rad.

   Also have some pictures I took recently with my friend Grace.

   And as a little update on my biopsy: it didn’t happen. Insurance stuff is crazy so all my doctors stuff have been put on hold until it gets sorted out.

   Hey, I think I just broke a Princess Faith personal record of shortest blog post!

   Have a great day y’all. Good luck with school and life.

Published by faithmariephoto

follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

8 thoughts on “‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’ Review

  1. Nice pictures! I've been trying to experiment with back lighting more in my own photography, so it's always nice to see some other examples:)Thanks for visiting A Splash of Ink!


  2. Mmmmmmkay your pictures are stunning, and when I saw the video I was so excited because YOUUU and like ah. You are more awesome irl than in internet lyfe — if that's even possible. I didn't think it was buuut it is. So yeah. I loved the vid so much and if you ever have the time or desire to make more, I would watch every. single. one. ^_^


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