NaNoWriMo 2015

   Hey. So…uh…this is Jacob. I don’t know if you know me. Did Faith talk about me yet? She probably didn’t. I’m not really worth mentioning. Not too special or whatever. Anyways, I’m Jacob Dell. Technically I’m just a character in the mind of Princess Faith. I’ve been keeping her company since she was 11 or 12. We’re pretty close I’ve seen her grow a lot over the past few years in so many ways; in specific, her writing has improved so much since I was created. And in turn, she’s got to see transform before her very eyes. This year has been pretty crazy for me. Maybe I should tell you some stuff about me…well…I’m…average. I’m a senior in high school, I make good grades; I want to make it into a nice university so I can become a doctor, like my mom. My best friend’s name is Kevin. And…I uhh…I have this really big crush on this girl at my school. You should see her, she’s gorgeous and has this amazing long red hair that I pretend is natural but its clearly from a bottle and I’ve known her since middle school and I love her laugh and I’m not sure if she knows I exist…


   I hijacked this blog to tell you guys something. Faith probably won’t be around much. The past few weeks have been…well, rough for her. If you ask her, she probably won’t say anything, but she’s really stressed. She loves school, but its really draining everything in her right now. She’s having a horrible time understanding math, and I wish I could help her, because I’m really good at it, but I’m…you know. Then there’s the play she’s in. She lives for that, but so many changes have happened and she’s having the hardest time remembering things; and she doesn’t want to blame in on the lupus but its hard when last week she stared at the prop table and knew what she had to do, but found she couldn’t make the connection between knowing which props were hers and bringing them onto the stage. Plus every time they get to rehearse the library scene she begins to choke. Completely out of the blue.

   It’s just…she has a lot going on. The stress is pouring over into everything else; she hasn’t been sleeping, she’s been overeating, she’s constantly overthinking…heck, her head is a mess. I know because I live there. Just…pray for her. Okay? I’m kind of worried about her.

   In other news, the reason she’ll be MIA this month is. you guessed it, NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month.) I feel bad making her do this, because, like I said, I know how stressed she is. But I think this is really important. Sorry, that sounded self centered. But I really do think my story can change her. I know Ali’s story changed her, and so did Azlyn’s. My story…and Megan’s story…it means something. Even if she can’t see what yet.

   However, she will be posting updates on her blogs Facebook and definitely on Twitter. (Seriously, check the side panel for both those links.) She’s pretty funny. But don’t take it personally if she doesn’t want to hang out or leave her house, and she might not have showered if you randomly stop by, and she’ll probably gain 10 pounds from not moving, skipping the gym, and living off of microwave popcorn. But give her a break. She’s having a rough time.

   As for me, I think Faith is gonna make me embark on a journey that I honestly didn’t sign up for. I keep trying to make her tell me the plot but I don’t think she knows it either. Should that make me worried? Eh. I trust her.

   Are there any other imaginary people out there? Come on, don’t make me call out names. I know there are a lot of other stories about to be told. Comment your tales and stuff. I want to read them.

   I think Faith likes to put pictures at the end? She’s taken some really great ones lately.

   Thanks for listening to me ramble. See you soon?

   -Jacob Dell


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One thought on “NaNoWriMo 2015

  1. Hey! Jacob! I've heard a lot about you. This is Bellamy, we're basically roommates. I totally understand what you mean. Dayle is… She's just been very overwhelmed lately. So many thoughts have been swarming in her head, it feels like I'm drowning in here…The point is, she needs me out. I need to get out of her head, and on paper. The problem? She's having a really hard time finding me sometimes. There's so much going in her head, it's hard to find all of me. I've been here for awhile now, but only recently did she get my name. I think she's been avoiding naming me…But I know they can do it. We're here for a purpose, even if Faith and Dayle don't get it. We have stories to tell, and people's lives to affect. Even if they don't realize it.Even if neither Faith and Dayle hit the word count, I think they need to remember that with all they are juggling, maybe they still need us in their head until next year. To help out and stuff.It was cool getting to know you, but I should go too. Dayle's got a lot to do today, and she just needs today to be over. Adios!


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