College: Week 1

   I survived my first week of real school!

   Let me just start off and say it was weird. It’s so strange to say things like “I’ll meet you after class.” and “I have to do my homework.” Although if you’ve never been homeschooled you don’t understand why this is so weird to me. But overall, I’m actually enjoying school so far. People keep saying “Just wait.” But you know what? No. I’m sure I’ll have hard days and stress out and I’ll probably want to drop out at some point, but I refuse to get all negative and crabby about school. Honestly, I’m so blessed to be able to go to college. In psychology I read about a woman who went to Harvard back in the day and did all that was required to get a Ph.D but was denied it because she was a female. So the fact that I can even go to college and earn a degree is a blessing. I’m going to try to keep this mindset as I go through these next few years.

   Now, as for the actual classes. I’m not doing a lot; just psychology, English, and math. I’m only doing enough so I can be a full time student; I might take more classes next semester or next year, but we’ll see. I love my psych teacher, she’s really nice and makes class fun for everyone. My English teacher is super old school; we’re not allowed to email him, we can’t get ebooks of the texts, and all the homework we do has to be printed. He’s an older fellow and he kinda seems like he hates this generation but I think it makes him kinda hilarious. And then there’s my math teacher; he’s cool actually. He went on a 15 minute side rant about how there’s no such thing as a math person, and how anyone can do math. It was quite inspirational.

   So yeah. I’m really liking it. I like learning and growing, I like meeting new people, I love just getting out of the house, and I like having something to think about so I don’t overthink all the other stuff I have going on in my life. It’s a good distraction.

   On the first day, I wore a shirt that I have that says “Jesus” just to establish I am that girl, and I think I’ve already freaked one of my classmates out by being that Christian, ex-homeschooler from a big family, who claims she’s “not religious, but just really loves Jesus.” Which was sort of funny in a way. For English, my first paper is very blunt about my faith, and I’m a bit anxious to see how my professor will take it. I never had to deal with people hating on me for being a Christian before. I never thought about how scary it is to throw yourself out there and say your beliefs. On the first day, I felt weird because I had a feeling people were sizing me up; “Oh, she’s immature, probably doesn’t shut up about her religion, is stupid and will judge you if you’re gay.” And then I had to deal with the fact that even if they were thinking those things, would I rather be cool or a Christian? Because at this point, there’s really no way for me to be both. Anyhow, I’m nervous and excited to see how God uses me at this very secular school. But overall, I like being in a non-Christian environment; which is something a lot of my church friends would disagree with. Yes, Christian schools help you learn more about your faith, but secular schools make you live it.

   Week 2 starts up tomorrow; English class is at 9:30. I’m excited because after school my best friend and I have a gym date, and I cannot wait to start lifting weights, although I’m not sure how much my knees are gonna cooperate. But that’s the other thing I love about college; free gym. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t have to be at school until 2, so I like biking there on those days, and I think those are gonna become my designated work out days. So this fitness addict is excited about that. Maybe some day I’ll even do a fitness posts; give you guys some of my favorite healthy snacks and work out tips and such. Let me know.

   So that’s me. I really like school so far. I hope next week goes well.

   How are you? How’s school going for you? Drop me a comment; I love hearing from you.

(Hey, those last two are me! And yes, I know I wear that shirt a lot. I like it, okay? Also, FREAKING STAR WARS! Am I right? Who’s excited? 109 days! Not like I’m counting or anything…)

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3 thoughts on “College: Week 1

  1. Ok, hopefully this isn't a second comment because I have no idea what happened to the first, lol. But this is so fun! Thanks for sharing your experience. I like how you said \”secular schools make you live it.\” It is SO true. For the first two years of college I was in a huge secular school, and for the last two I was in a Christian school. You could definitely see/feel the difference. I loved both experiences, though! 🙂 Good luck in school!


  2. Oh Dear Faith,What a blessing that you can continue your school and enjoy the college life :)I love all your teachers you described esp the English teacher hehe. Such a blessing!And this is my first time to see your picture!! YOU AREEEE SOO BEAUTIFULLLL ! Indside and out!Thank you for being sweet friend for me here. I love you!


  3. Good for you putting your faith out there! And I definitely agree, we shouldn't stay in \”Christian-only\” bubbles, how are we suppose to be salt to the earth if we are not actually out in the world?!


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