My First Convention!

   I WENT TO MY FIRST CONVENTION! As a graduation present, my best friend bought me a day pass to Wizard World Comic Con, and then later in the week my Mom plotted with my Internet friend, Lauren, and secretly bought me tickets for another day so I could hang with my Internet buddy who had come in from out of state. Basically, it was a ton of fun. And I have a lot of great pictures to show you. I sorta saw Brett Dalton from Agents Of SHIELD, as well as almost literally running into Jodie Sweetin of Full House, which was funny.

   Day one of the con was pretty small, and I didn’t realize how crowded it would get until I went that weekend, in which it was crazy. But my favorite part was seeing all the cosplayers. I loved that in the world of conventions, anyone can be a hero. Anyone can feel special; even if it’s just for a day or a weekend. There was one girl who was dressed as the younger Maleficent from the new movie. She couldn’t have been older than 16, and every time I saw her, she was surrounded by people taking her picture. She just had this beautiful smile on her face and it made me so happy. She got to make people happy with her cosplay, and in turn, she was able to be happy as well. I just thought it was really cool.

(Young Maleficent, as mentioned above.)

   Also, I had made it my own personal mission to find the best Deadpool, judging by the look of the costume as well as how they portrayed the character, if at all. By the end of the day I had basically given up until I found one guy. I asked for a picture, and he said sure. But he also sounded just like Ryan Reynolds. After that I asked if we could take a selfie. He said of course. And after that he looked at me and said “We’re in a relationship now.” And walked off. So, he won for best Deadpool.
(And that pose. A+ Deadpool.)

   But really, the people who stole the show for me were the disabled people. I saw so many people in wheelchairs, but they didn’t let their disabilities stop them from going to the con, and in a lot of cases, from cosplaying. I saw a guy with Down’s Syndrome in a wheelchair who was dressed as a Mandolorian from Star Wars, who was being guarded by two other Mandos, which I thought was awesome. Then there was classic Bucky, also in a wheelchair. I even found someone who had a Spoon Theory shirt on! Turns out she has lupus and fibromyalgia. She was awesome. But my favorite cosplay of the day has to go to this girl who was dressed as a wizard from Harry Potter. She was in a wheelchair, but she set up her chair like a Hogwarts desk and had all her potions and a spell book on it. She wore a medical mask, but when I asked for a photo she took it off for me and revealed the biggest smile in the world. It melted my heart. 
(Look at her! She’s a queen.)

   Basically, it was a ton of fun. I’ll share random pictures with you as well. But that’s all I have to say about the convention. I loved it. 
   But. Tomorrow. 
   It’s my first day of college. I’m terrified, excited, nervous, and happy all at once. I got my new backpack and laptop this weekend and my Mom got me my school supplies before I went to Memphis for I’m set. I have my outfit all planned and everything. English class starts at 9:30, but I’m meeting my best friend before so she can show me where my classroom is  pray with me. Again, I have no idea how my body is gonna handle this much activity, I don’t know how much homework I’ll have and all that. I just don’t know. So if I don’t see you for a while, just pray for me. I apologize in advance if I stop commenting as much; I know I’ve already sorta started that. But I do want to keep reading what y’all post. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should. (@geek4God66.) I’ll probably tweet a lot about college or whatever; and don’t be afraid to DM me. 
   But good luck to all you people starting college! I know I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of friends which has been really hard on me honestly, so if you moved away…serious props to you. That’s gotta be hard. Stay strong. 
   Are you starting college? What classes are you taking? Or are you still in high school and just looking at colleges? What are your plans for the school year? I would love to hear from you!

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9 thoughts on “My First Convention!

  1. Conventions are the best fun! OMG THAT DEADPOOL INTERACTION! I would have died! ❤ And the Hogwarts desk! So awesome! :)I hope you had a good first day of college–it was my first day too; I'm taking a self-discovery/career exploration class. I was nervous, but it went well. :)~Jamie


  2. I\”m so glad you had a great time at Wizard World and that you got to meet your internet friend!! Wow, there were so many amazing costumes :DI hope you're having a good time in college! What are you studying?I just started senior year O.o college applications open next week, so i'm freaking out lol. I'm interested in aerospace engineering, so i'm trying to do the best i can in all of my math/science classes haha xD


  3. Good luck with senior year! I'm studying psychology to be a counselor 🙂 its pretty intense. lol.I met two guys at college who are there for aerospace engineering actually! that sounds cool 🙂 I'm sure you're gonna do amazing!


  4. Dear Faith,Congratulation for your graduation! Keep praying for you as God who holds your future!What a fun day you spent with friends. and I enjoyed the pictures here. Thanks for sharing your fund day I could feel the joy with you during read the post. Talk to you soon!Blessing,Delvalina


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