Dayle’s Rant

If you’re seeing this, that means this posted on a schedule, and my sister and I are on our missions trip to Tennessee. I wanted someone to guest post since I’ve had nothing interesting to share, so what better person to do that than my sister?Dayle, as you know from previous posts, is a lot cooler than me, so I really hope you enjoy what she has to say. This is something she feels very passionately about and I suggest you read it all the way through.
Enjoy your week!

If I were to tell you right now something over the top and a horrible thing that Justin Bieber did or said, chances are, you’d believe me. I could have no proof, nothing but my own word, and most likely you would agree with me and add it to your mental list of “Why I Hate Justin Bieber”. And I cannot express enough how much that breaks my heart. Even when I was very young, my level of empathy has always been very high. More than anything, for people who are shunned or hated on by the world. It hasn’t done anything but grow stronger as I age. I have had days where I am overcome by so much pain from watching someone else go through something, that I can’t do anything but cry in my bed for days on end. So it’s not surprising that when the hate on Justin Bieber started, I was completely broken.
In this post, I will only lightly speak of the events of his downfall at the beginning of 2013. But I will get into that later. First I would like to start off at the beginning of his career. Because as much as no one talks or points it out, the boiling hate on him came long before he started doing anything off the rail. Although it definitely got so much more heated as the years went on, he never had it easy when it came to hate. Yes, from the moment he got popular, he received an insanely large fanbase, especially for being so young. But pretty much anyone but his fanbase hated him. “Why?” You may ask, considering back in 2010 he was hardly anything but a teenage heartthrob, why would he be given so much hate? For simply that. Even from then, liking Justin was a joke. That hasn’t changed. If you liked Justin you were considered a little girl, which at the time, really wasn’t a problem. I mean, at the time of his rising fame, I was only 10, I was young and he was cute, it was understandable. But as months and years went on, hating on Justin went from a joke to the norm. It started because he was a teen with swoopy hair (which later would be called ‘the Justin Bieber haircut’) whose voice was high pitched because of his age. There were boys, girls, adults, and everyone in between that would poke fun at his voice and complained because of his singing. It started as a joke but grew to a problem. I never stood for the hate that he received, but it has gotten so out of hand that I can’t even begin to grasp how someone could think any of this is okay. The hate never died down. And I think that it all started to get to him and affect how he acted in 2013. So much stuff went down with him, and there are so many things that happened behind closed doors and things that he did that were inexcusable, and I will not defend what he has done during that time. But there were also many things made up. You see, because he was already hated by many, and so many things were going on with him, it was the new trend each week to point out something wrong that Justin did. It gave everyone that hated him so much power. Because claims were already being made that he did all these things, it would be perfectly believable if someone claimed he did or said something. I am not saying that everything was fake, many claims had proof and witnesses and reports. He also confessed to a lot of things. But not all. The one that comes to mind was the statement claiming that he called a girl a ‘beached whale’ and continued to laugh and poke fun at her. It was later claimed that the victim killed herself. When the article was written, it was shared and many added it to the list of why they hate Justin. But what wasn’t shared and talked about, was the fact that 1) The article claiming that the victim killed herself was posted on a website called National Report. Which has a disclaimer saying: “National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in a semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.”
And 2) There was an article that followed pointing out the flaws in the story. The two witnesses stories that claimed what he did and said contradicted each other and had holes. Not only that, but it was reported that besides his friends, the only person he talked to was a blonde girl named Jordyn Dore, who had nothing but good things to say about him. You can read that whole article here. We won’t always know what is true or what isn’t. Like I stated, his actions in 2013/2014 can not be excused or defended, but since then he has grown and matured. And yet the hate is still so very present. There are so many people, famous people, famous adults, who hate on Justin. Some before he acted out, some during, and some after. Do I believe that in 2013/2014 when he was given the most hate did he deserve to be told to grow up? Yes, on a certain level. By that, I mean I do think he needed to be told that he was acting out and needed to straighten out; he was definitely out of control and as someone who loves him, it was heartbreaking to watch. Heartbreaking and disappointing. But among the things that he was told, so many were over the top and uncalled for. To begin the list of people that called him out or said bad things to or about him are: Seth Rogen Kate Moss Orlando Bloom Joel McHale Nick Jonas Drake Bell Jon Bon Jovi Olivia Wilde Jared Padalecki Zack Braff Yes, he made mistakes. He was unbelievably stupid in many of his actions. But he is human. And I feel like because of the light he is in, hating on him is seen as ‘okay’. Because “He’s Justin Bieber” because “What about all the things he did?” because “Everyone else is doing it”. People that I love, people that I look up to. That stand against bullying and everything about it, have said things to and about Justin that would be seen as bullying and being uncalled for, had it been to anyone but Justin. Although it’s sad to see the above list and what they have said about him, what was the worst of all, was seeing what the cast of the CW drama Supernatural have said about him in the past. I absolutely love Supernatural. So when I saw what some of the cast members said about him. I was torn. Many of which have gone through tough times such as being bullied, fought depression, and had suicidal thoughts. You would think they would know the line between pointing out something bad that someone did in hopes of them learning from it and being a bully and just plain cruel. Although most of the drama between the cast and Justin has died down, it’s still been mentioned that they are not a fan of him. So when I found some old tweets about Justin from some of the cast, I was beyond disappointed. The following are ones that I was able to find:

No matter his past mistakes, I do not understand how anyone would think this is okay, especially someone who has gone through the things I’ve mentioned. Why is it that because it’s Justin being made fun of, there is no line that can be crossed? Never have I heard someone (let alone someone famous) stand up and call someone out about making fun of him; unless it was someone who liked him. You would think after death threats and thousands of people telling him to kill himself, someone would stand up and say “Woah woah, I don’t like him either, but that’s just too far”. Because a great percentage of the Earth understands that no matter what, telling someone to kill themselves is horrible and it’s something you should never joke about. And yet time and time again no one is to stand when it’s Justin Bieber that is getting the jokes thrown at. Because most are too scared. Because there is a much bigger chance that they will also be made fun of than backed up. Because most would rather follow the crowd. Especially when it’s people that they look up to sending the hate. They see someone they love saying something stupid about Justin, and even if they don’t care for him, they go along with it rather than call them out on it. Because if you dare say that you like Justin or try to keep people from saying nasty things about him, you are automatically assumed to be a young idiot fan who has no clue of the mistakes he’s made. I don’t believe that what he did in the past is okay, but I don’t believe he should be defined on what he did as a young 19/20yo. And I certainly won’t stand for any of the horrible things that are said about him. He said and did stupid things and now it’s time to move on.

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3 thoughts on “Dayle’s Rant

  1. I'm not a fan of Justin by any means, but I also don't agree with some of those tweets, like you said. The thing with Orlando Bloom I find slightly warranted because Justin (supposedly) made snide remarks about his ex-wife and I wouldn't expect him to have taken stuff like that quietly. But I certainly don't think anyone should tell somebody to \”kill themselves\” or make some other condescending/extremely rude remark. It's mean and can affect a person in such horrible ways. There's a ton of people I don't like but you don't see me ragging on them– I wish people could learn that it leads to nothing but harm. xo Adi


  2. Thank you for thisI honestly don't particularly like Justin because of a lot of things he's said and done, but I still don't think that all the death threats and hate is really necessary. You don't have to like him as a person, but telling someone to kill themselves *is* really crossing the line, and really shouldn't be joked about in the first place. It doesn't matter what he did in the past, I still don't believe wishing death on someone is okay in any way. And the \”People that I love, people that I look up to. That stand against bullying and everything about it, have said things to and about Justin that would be seen as bullying and being uncalled for, had it been to anyone but Justin.\” line is so accurate. I don't think that the Supernatural cast (as much as I love them) needed to say any of that, and I'm kind of disappointed, but I can't really help it now. If they had said that to anyone else though, people would've gotten after them and it would've been a whole different story, but since it was Justin, everyone joined in and thought it was funny.Of course, like you said, his past mistakes and actions can't be defended or excused, because he *was* out of control, but all the hate that's even now still circulating isn't okay and everyone needs to just move on.


  3. Hello dear sister,Thank yiu for sharing your heart about him.He went with hillsong during their conference in Australia this June and so many posts about him during the conference. Some agree asome not agree but i just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad that Hillsong church welcome him even though some people say the church uses him to take more people come but I believe God has planned it all for him and I heard that the pastor continually help his spiritual growth. God loves him as sinner just like how He loves us. ;)I hope you're doing well.BlessingDelvalina


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