15 Reasons Why Dayle Is Cooler Than You

   Today is my sister’s birthday. And because she turns fifteen today, I had to write up a super embarrassing post to share with the Internet. But all joking aside, Dayle is one of my favorite people of all time. She gets me more than anyone I know and all the crap I’ve lived through, she did as well. Basically, she’s me, but without all the character flaws. There are a lot of reasons why I love my sister, so I decided to make a list of all the things that make her great. So here we go.

   1. She’s the emo queen
This screenshot explains it all.


   2. When I went in to have my kidney biopsy, she posted this gem on Facebook. 
And when I came home I saw that she had filled my room with post it notes telling to make sure I rest, because she knows I have a habit of overdoing myself. And she really did make sure I stayed in bed.

3. She’s always got my back
She sent me the text below one time. But also on probably the worst day of my life, I was having a super bad night and I got a message from a friend who was also having  sucky night, and I was trying to message her back to help her, but Dayle took my IPod and refused to give it back to me. She said “There are times you need to be there for other people, but sometimes you gotta be there for you.” And she was right.

4. She’s the George Weasley to my Fred
We had a pretty great Halloween costume last year, am I right?

5. She’s the prank master
One time she printed out a box full of pictures of Nicholas Cage and taped them onto random things throughout my house. It took several weeks to find them all. She stuck some on family pictures, on our milk container, and in the roll of toilet paper. This wasn’t for April Fools or anything. She was just bored.
6. I have to constantly remind myself we’re not twins
She’s actually almost 4 years younger than me. But she’s so mature and acts more like my age than hers. We also look just like twins, and she’s taller than me now. 
7. She’s hot as frick and she knows it
But seriously. She’s super confident. Sometimes I can’t tell if I love how self confident she is or hate her for being so conceited. She’s my WCE.
8. She keeps me humble by periodically insulting me and reminding me of how pathetic I am.
You think I’m joking?
9. She didn’t let me shave my head alone.
And she didn’t let me do NaNoWriMo alone either. Basically, I can’t ever do anything by myself and I say I hate it but I don’t.
10. She runs an awesome blog for movie reviews.
You can check that out and follow at THIS LINK.
And, under the same category, she is really enthusiastic about movies and it’s so cute.
11. She does all sorts of weird crap for me for the sake of art.
Like one time I dressed her in an oversized tshirt and knee high socks, threw her in a bathtub, and told her to hold a cigarette like she was smoking. 
12. She’s basically straight out of a tumblr text post.
Example: I was with her in the kitchen and she was eating a brownie cookie. I left the room to grab my IPod and I come back in and she’s on her knees with the cookie raised in the air, Lion King Style, and she’s talking to God saying “Thank you, Lord, for this cookie!” 
13. She’s the sweetest.
Because on Valentine’s Day a couple years ago, I had been having a really hard time, and she surprised me by waking me up to breakfast in bed, she had bought a collection of my favorite John Hughes films, and took me to the mall for Starbucks. She thought of this all months in advance when a guy had made me cry. 

14. She got me into my favorite band.
yep. Dayle introduced my to twenty one pilots. so really, I basically owe her my life. And she doesn’t kill me for liking them. I’m pretty grateful for that. She also gets me into other awesome bands and music and TV and books. 
And lastly,
15. She is a precious cinnamon roll; too good for this world; too pure.

Happy birthday fam. Thank you for always putting up with my shenanigans and always inspiring me to do the right thing and to be better. You really do understand me better than anyone, and on days when I can’t stand people and want to punch every single person in the face, you’re always the exception. 
I want to be you when I grow up. You love so fearlessly and unconditionally and it may feel like a weakness, but it’s your greatest strength. Never lose that. 
I could have easily named way more than 15 things I love about you, but like, you’re only turning 15 so you can unlock 16 reasons next year. (*Video game voice* I’m sorry, you must level up to unlock this feature.)
Also, in all honesty, you’re a much better writer than I am; keep writing! Seriously. If you give it up I might have to kill you. You’ve got good stuff to say and great ideas; just keep writing. 
This year is gonna be sick as frick for you, I just know it. 
Thanks for being my best friend.
Stay rad, mate.

(I couldn’t resist.)

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7 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Dayle Is Cooler Than You

  1. I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HALF OF THESE HOW THE HECKLE DID YOU?? Also wow yeah I forgot that song existed, though I assure my experience as 15 will go much better than Taylor's (Or Abbies). I feel like because you're a blogger and you wrote me a blog post for my birthday, for yours, since I am a writer, I have to write you a book. Sorry I didn't make the rules thats just how it is. Thank youuuu, I dunno how you even thought of 2 but okay, I accept them.


  2. Oh mercy, Faith!!! You are the sweetest thing ever. If I were your sister I would flip. I love how you remember all of these things and screen-shotted them to boot. You rockin this older sister thang!


  3. This was all so lovely but the third one really struck me. What words of wisdom, some that I need to take to heart more often. :)Also wow, um your sister is fabulous. Happy birthday Dayle!!-Madi


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