I Love Breakfast

   Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement.
   I’m obsessed with breakfast.

   I don’t know why or how it came about but I recently realized my love for breakfast. I like breakfast in the early morning and I like having breakfast foods for dinner and it just makes me very happy.

   I’ve finally been able to, for the most part, get myself on a better schedule the past few weeks. This homeschooler used to sleep until ten or eleven every single day. But now I aim to wake up at seven to eight. And let me tell you, it’s awesome. Of course, when I first hear my alarm I want to shut it off and never get out of bed ever because I’m still so exhausted. But I force myself up because I know that within five minutes I’ll be feeling incredible. I love waking up early for a lot of reasons. Well, at this time, the sun is just rising and pouring light into my living room right where my laptop sits and all my siblings are still asleep so it’s the only time of day when the house is totally silent, and when I wake up early I can actually eat breakfast.

   It’s something so simple but I love it. I really love pancakes, or eggs, or hashbrowns, and fruit! Fruit has been my best friend lately. Sometimes I make myself Greek yogurt with strawberries or maybe french toast or just regular toast. And coffee. Always coffee. I have an adorable mug that my mom bought for me and I use it every morning and I take so many pictures of it you’ve probably seen it on my Facebook page a million times.

   And that’s just how I feel about mornings.

   I also really love cute fairly local diners. There’s a place by my house, that I actually almost got a waitressing job for, that I like. I went there with some friends on free pancake day, even though their pancakes weren’t free. It was great. There’s something about the atmosphere of diners that makes me feel happy and at ease; like everything’s going to be okay. Diners and pancakes make me think of happiness. There is something special about going out to a diner with a friend and drinking coffee and just talking about life that just really hits me on a spiritual level. Maybe its because as a kid I didn’t go out to eat a lot, and when we did it was this huge deal and my brother and sister and I always had to be on our best behavior and we wanted to show our parents how obedient we were so they would take us out again. Or maybe it’s that Denny’s always reminds me of my great grandma because she took us out there whenever we went to visit her, which wasn’t often, but I love her a lot.

   But maybe my love for diners just comes from the fact that I’m a writer and a dreamer and I like to think that anything is possible when you’re eating breakfast at a cute diner. There’s always the possibility that something incredible is going to happen; you could strike up a great conversation with the waitress, you could see your soul mate sitting two booths down reading your favorite novel, you could discover your new favorite food, you could simply sit alone with your bible and let your heart be still and hear from God for the first time in goodness knows how long. You could journal, listen to music, think. You could just stop what you’re doing for an hour and soak in the beauty of life and realize how blessed you really are. Because if you can afford breakfast at a cute diner than you must be doing pretty great; because a lot of people can’t.

   I think I need that a lot. To just take a time out and just be. We all could use some time to just set aside everything and be thankful and happy. Life sucks sometimes and I get sad a lot and I’m sure there are people out there who feel the same way; but there are certain moments where I am so entranced by life and it’s never when I expect it; it’s usually when I’m doing seemingly meaningless activities like eating breakfast. But I just come alive and I think about how God created such simple things that bring me such joy and I wonder how I could feel this deep sense of oneness with Him, or even more so I wonder how people go about missing all these moments. It’s when the hurt and sadness mix with simplicity and joy that I truly feel connected with God. And when I think about heaven, I know a lot of people think it’s going to be giant and grand and spacious and spectacular. But me? I sort of think heaven is going to be like God and I sitting down for coffee. Because that’s what real happiness is to me.

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10 thoughts on “I Love Breakfast

  1. Pancakes are AWESOME! I like mine with blueberries or chocolate chips in them. Oh dear, now I want a pancake. :-DAnd you are right! I think that there are a lot of ups and downs in life, and sometimes it feels like more downs. But when we remember the goodness of God through the simple blessings He gives us (like breakfast), it give a measure of peace. Thanks for this post, Faith!


  2. SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS. Waking up at 10 or 11 is a fairly normal occurrence for this homeschooler as well, and, of course, I'm always trying to break the habit and wake up earlier. Some days are easier than others. 😉 And — BREAKFAST. This is my absolute favorite meal of the day, and I could eat fruit and eggs and pancakes and bacon and sausage and OJ and… yeah pretty much all the time and I'd be happy. I will never understand how some people say that they just don't like/do breakfast. It's incomprehensible. And lastly… the part about diners and breakfast was so lovely. The quiet moments of the morning are the absolute perfect time to connect with God. Though I, personally, am not a real diner/cafe/coffee shop kind of person, but I appreciate people who are. You hipsters are just so cool, man. 😉


  3. I love being up early, but I despise getting up early. When that alarm goes off it feels like the middle of the night, and I'd just rather hit snooze and roll over. Which is exactly what I do almost every single morning, and I really need to stop doing it, because I love being awake at 6:30 and knowing that I have enough time to not only get ready for work without hurtling through the house, but to read devotions and pet my rabbit and watch the birds at the feeder. Thank you so much for this reminder; perhaps tomorrow when that alarm goes off at 6:39 (it's old and finicky; that's as close as I could get to 6:30) I'll think of this post and sit up instead of fumbling for the snooze button.Also, I totally agree with you: breakfast is wonderful (especially when there's real maple syrup involved). And I tend to romanticize small cafes and local diners; they just have this atmosphere that suggests anything or nothing could happen and either way, everything is right with the world.


  4. I have to admit that I am not a huge breakfast fan – I guess I am just not that into the foods offered for breakfast. I am much more into indulging in carbs via pasta. Which I guess is why I do love brunch – but I do have to admit that I love pancakes and those ones look amazing. And I also have happy memories at Dennys – mostly going with my dad, getting mac and cheese and the clown sunday and a strawberry milkshake.Rae | love from berlin


  5. Things DO feel so much more magical and special in a diner or a coffee shop, don't they? Aaaaahhh this post was darling and made me crave breakfast food (which never happens after 11 in the morning!). Thanks, Faith. Now I want pancakes. ^_^ Also, this line: \”I went there with some friends on free pancake day, even though their pancakes weren't free. It was great.\” I about died! 😉


  6. Confession: I'm obsessed with McDonald's breakfasts. Pancakes and hashbrowns, aaaaah. I also try to wake up at a seemly hour even on holidays, but I'm two days into Easter holidays and it's not working. Possibly because I've set aside my writing and therefore have no incentive to wake up but homework, which is not an incentive at all 😛 😛


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