Finding My Voice In A World Full Of Noise

   Over the past year my photography skills have gotten significantly better. I almost cringe looking back on old pictures I used to like because…wow. They were not good. Since getting my Nikon I have really been able to mature as a photographer and really ignite a passion for art in myself. I never wanted to be a photographer; that is, until a a few years ago. I always loved sharp images and fancy cameras, but I never thought I would be able to hold, let alone operate, one of those cameras, or take such beautiful shots. I was content to sit back and stare and beautiful pictures. Of course, I had been begging my parents for a camera since I was 10, I just wanted something simple so I could take pictures at Camp and such. I don’t really know how or when, but now I am head over heels in love with photography. I asked my mom if I could save up money for lights and a backdrop kit and turn our garage into my studio; something totally insane, yet I could pull it off if I put in the work. I also have two paying photography jobs coming up that I am crazy excited and nervous for. I am doing a baptism and a friend’s senior pictures! Never could I have ever imagined working as a photographer. But I’m living my dream, even though this is just the beginning.

   Right now I want to find my voice. My style. I don’t want to copy others work; I want to create my own ideas. The photographers who have inspired me are Nicolas Bruno, Kyle Thompson, and Francesca Woodman. And today I was looking at Brendon Burton’s work too, which is also very good. I want to take in inspiration and also to be one to others; which is a hard thing to balance. You want to be a teacher and also continue to learn at the same time. I’m trying to find my signature, you know, something that you’ll see and think “Yep. This is Faith’s picture.” I’m excited for this journey. I have found that photography is my outlet for everything. It’s therapy. It’s how I speak when my words fail me. It’s how I can illustrate ideas that stick with people and compel them to feel differently. Art brings forth emotion.

   I was having some trouble with this the other day after a photoshoot I did with my sister. I told her I felt that I needed an explanation for the pictures I took; almost like I needed to justify them. So I told her this and what she said to me blew my mind. “People don’t need an explanation, it takes away the true meaning of art; and it doesn’t let people find their own meaning.” That was enough to snap me back into myself. I already knew that, I had blogged about it a while back with some other B&W’s I had posted. I had simply forgotten with pressure of “What will people say/think?” And now I will mention again: I don’t need to explain myself. Gosh, it really is ridiculous how easily I forget that.

   This really wasn’t supposed to be that long. Whoops. Anyhow, here are some pictures I took of my sister and I just love them. She is the perfect model and our downstairs bathroom is the creepiest thing ever and I love it. I also have some pictures coming up for Good Friday/Easter that I really liked and will post later in the week or next week. Also, if the picture has a caption then it will be written below it. Let me know if you like them!

Playing With Fire

(And I’ll throw in a picture of me with my Bucky shirt. Mwahaha.)

Now, I don’t need to explain myself ever but just so we’re clear, I don”t support smoking. Duh. Its not “cool.” Look into the real meaning behind these pictures. Just because I photograph something doesn’t mean I support it. I simply call it as I see it. This is life.

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4 thoughts on “Finding My Voice In A World Full Of Noise

  1. That's kind of the cool thing about art. It doesn't need to be explained. It's felt, and it also creates feelings. Your pictures are quite deep, and very inspiring. I hope you keep doing photography shtuffs…I really like it. 🙂


  2. This is crazy awesome. I like the style you have going on here. Very raw, but it works. I just think you ought to have them larger, especially for this style. Personally I'd be able to appreciate it more if it took up a good deal of my screen.


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