Because Bucky

   If you don’t follow me on any social media or haven’t checked my Twitter feed on the left panel of my blog, you might not know I am totally obsessed with have a great fondness for Bucky Barnes. Also the actor who portrays him in the Marvel movies; Sebastian Stan. Like with Loki, it’s a long story. One, I won’t explain to 98.7% of the people I encounter on a weekly basis. I used to stress over making sure people knew my reasons for things but over the past week I had a glorious epiphany! I don’t need to explain myself to anyone! How about them apples?! I don’t have to say why I love the people I do or why I act a certain way; why I’m quiet sometimes and loud the others, or why I eat really healthy for a week and only junk food the next. I don’t have to feel the need to explain away everything or to justify my reasons. People ask why and if they don’t approve of my reasons it makes me feel like crap; and then I sit there until I can find a reason that suits the questioner and then I still feel anxious afterwards. But no more. A lot of people who ask these sort of questions are just looking to degrade me; so if I give reasons, real, legitimate reasons, I like you and think you’re worth the response. And I think you’re genuine.

   ANYHOW! Since I’ve been doing some really heavy blogging I figured I’d give you a break. So here is to me not caring about what people think and having my own deep reasons for things and no one else knowing said reasons! Enjoy!


(Seriously my heart just…..
Plus it’s Bucky and Fall Out Boy!!!!)
I mean seriously. One does not simply hate on Bucky Barnes. So there you go! Now if you’ll excuse me I am dying from comic book withdrawal and need to find the nearest comic book shop so I may sit with my people and geek out over comics because that’s how I roll. (Plus the Winter Soldier last scene just made me fangirl like the Marvel geek I am.) I am currently trying to find someone to blame for my love for Marvel but I realized this one is all on me. It was of my own doing. 
   I hope you enjoyed the awesomeness that is Bucky. If you need me I’ll be either crying in a corner somewhere recovering from the Winter Soldier or reading comics.
My new response for people judging me. I DON’T CARE. I LOVE IT.

For more Bucky Barnes awesomeness follow THIS link!

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4 thoughts on “Because Bucky

  1. I have not seen this movie yet but I remember thinking Bucky was an interesting character from the first one. If you ever tell your full story of why Loki and Bucky have stolen your hearts I would love to read it. But of course I understand if you don't.Loved this post and that Fall Out Boy quote, OMG ❤


  2. YES YES YES. I have recently (I think it started during the run-up to the Winter Soldier) developed an extreme liking for Bucky/Sebastian Stan. They are both awesome. End of story. ^_^ :DOh and that quote… \”Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.\” MY HEART.


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