My Year In Books

   For the first time in my life I decided that I would make a list of every book I read this year. I am so glad I did! I read 38 books this year; not as well as I was hoping for. I was kinda hoping to reach at least 50. But boy was it a good year in my literary life! Now if you would ask me what my favorite book was, my top 5 would be ones I read this year. (Because picking a single favorite book is a joke.) Now I would like to present you with the list of books I read in 2013. My favorites will be in bold and I will rate them using a 5 star system. I might even throw in some comments in italic for you. Enjoy!

Divergant-Veronica Roth. (4/5) I loved this book! It focuses on fear which is a huge struggle of mine so it really helped me with that. But the rest of the series….meh.

The Magicians Nephew-C.S Lewis. (3/5)

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky (5/5) This book>>>>>>

The Night Circus-Erin Morgenstern (4/5) My friend is going to kill me for not giving it 5 stars. It was a bit of a difficult read but worth it. Great book.

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe-C.S Lewis (3/5)

I Am Number Four-Patticus Lore (2/5)

The Horse And His Boy-C.S Lewis (2/5)

A Walk To Remember-Nicholas Sparks (5/5) I need someone like Landon Carter in my life. ASAP. This book was beautiful.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye-Joshua Harris (5/5) I find it funny how I read that right after A Walk To Remember…hmm….

Grace, Gold, And Glory-Gabrielle Douglas. (3/5) It’s the story of Gabby Douglas my favorite gymnast. Look…she’s obviously not a writer. She’s a gymnast. Cut her some slack with this. But her story is great.

Do Hard Things-Alex & Brett Harris (5/5) This book will definitely challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. A must read.

City Of Bones-Cassandra Claire (3/5) I’m sorry….I liked it for a while, but when I honestly thought about the content….it made me uneasy. It’s good solid writing, humorous, and attention grabbing, but is it really worth compromising beliefs for? For me it wasn’t.

The Deceivers-Josh Mcdowell & Bob Hostetler (3/5)

Bonemans Daughters- Ted Dekker (5/5) That man is a genius.

Agents Of Chaos 2: Jedi Eclipse-James Luceno (3/5)

Insurgent-Veronica Roth (3/5)

Balance Point-Kathy Tyers (4/5)

The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald (4/5)

A New Hope-George Lucas (3/5)

Prince Caspian-C.S Lewis (4/5)

Silver Linings Playbook-Matthew Quick (5/5) Yes. I loved it. There’s language and some sex talk I believe, but a very good book nonetheless.

Edge Of Victory 1: Conquest-Greg Keyes (3/5)

Edge Of Victory 2: Rebirth-Greg Keyes  (3/5)

Star By Star-Troy Denning (1/5) Don’t do it. It’s a trap.

Legacy Of The Jedi-Jude Watson (3/5)

Wintergirls-Laurie Halse Anderson (5/5)

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story-Ned Vizzini (5/5) Excellent! Probably my favorite or second favorite book ever. The movie was good too, very good actually, but you gotta read the book. Seriously. SO good.

The House Of Hades-Rick Riordan (2/5) A disappointment really. The previous book was so good and then this one just faltered. Uncle Rick just couldn’t pull it off. And I had expected more from him.

Secrets Of The Jedi-Jude Watson (3/5)

The Reluctant Prophet-Nancy Rue (5/5) Yes! Alison is such a great character and I could relate SO much! It’s the cold hard truth about God and His calling. No sugar coating. Love it!

The Fault In Our Stars-John Green (5/5) Augustus Waters. This book broke me.

Eleanor & Park-Rainbow Rowell (4/5)

The Life And Legend Of Obi-Wan Kenobi (3/5)

Shine-The Newsboys (4/5)

A Monster Calls-Patrick Ness (5/5)

Thirteen Reasons Why-Jay Asher (5/5)

Redeeming Love-Francine Rivers (4/5)

Speak-Laurie Halse Anderson (4/5)

   And that’s all! If you read that entire list…good for you! You rock! Have you read any of these? What were you thoughts on them? What is your favorite book and what’s your favorite that you read this year?

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4 thoughts on “My Year In Books

  1. I noticed several books on here that I have read too. I loved The Night Circus (very creative and original), The Great Gatsby (classic story), I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Do Hard Things (both were very insightful and changed how I see a lot of things)! I also read the Chronicles of Narnia books when I was younger, which I liked, but they don't seem as good now. I have seen the movie adaptations of Silver Linings Playbook and The Perks of Being a Wallflower but have not read the books; maybe I should check them out! Great list; you read a lot more than I did this year!


  2. I feel the same as you do about Divergent–really awesome book, but the rest of the series…well, I could've been just as fine without reading them. Not as good as the first one, definitely. The Fault In Our Stars…hated it on my first time reading it, loved it the second time through after my friend \”bullied\” me into rereading it (he couldn't believe I didn't like it, lol..)And City of Bones…I read about 4 books of the series and then got fed up with the mysticism and the making out. But the first one was moderately fine. Not one I reread over and over, but just an okay on the meh scale of things. 🙂


  3. Wow, impressive list! I haven't read a lot of these, but The Great Gatsby is a favorite, it's so great. And the Chronicles of Narnia I've read too many times to count, but how could you rate the Horse and His Boy only two stars? It's one of my favorites. 😉 And you're right, Ted Dekker is a genius. I love his work. 🙂


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