Christmas 2013

“Tonight He is born so one day He can die; to live hearts that are torn and live the perfect life; so He can hang upon the cross and we can take His life; so we can live as sinners and He can pay the price. Tonight He is born so one day He can die. But He will rise again.”-The Christmas Song, Flyleaf.

   Merry Christmas! This year was a very good year. I had been struggling a lot this winter and around this time because of all the things going in my life last year. It was my families first Christmas without my dad and this time of year just brought back all the terrible memories from last time. I was actually kind of dreading Christmas. But God is in the business of making things new; you see, He’s all about renewal. This year He renewed the Christmas time for me. He washed away the bad memories and brought in new ones. Yesterday on Christmas Eve all the little kids went to my dad’s house and he brought a present for the older ones. (Band merch!!!!) Then us eldest 3 kids, the baby, Mom, and my adopted sister and her boyfriend, all went out to the mall. We got Starbucks and then I ran into my best friend! We had a good time laughing and just enjoying ourselves, also doing some last minute shopping. Shane was wearing is Captain America hoodie and we saw a girl walk by with a Loki one; which was quite hilarious. It was a good day, which ended in a short Lord Of The Rings trivia match.

   Today I woke up with a massive stomach ache for no apparent reason and I was afraid I would be in pain all day but it went away within a few hours. Opening presents was fun! I loved seeing kids open their gifts. The best wrapped gift had to go to the one Shane gave me. I was wrapped in wrapping paper twice, then there was a box and then 5 or 6 bags and so many layers. All for a Hershey bar. That gave us all a good laugh. See, my family is odd and we have a few fun traditions. We hide a pickle ornament on our tree and whoever finds it first gets to open the first present. We also address our presents funny. For example; I wrote one to my little brother, Noah, but I wrote “To: The Hobbit. From: Loki.” He’s short so I called him a hobbit. and I’m Loki. It makes sense. I also got one addressed to Loki from SHIELD. We love it. And another one is that we throw all our names in a hat and we each pick one and then we go to the dollar store and pick out a gift for the person who’s name we drew.

   I got a lot of fun gifts this year; I got a coffee cup that looks like a camera lens and it’s awesome! Also, a fitness video game and a load of workout clothes which I am so excited to use; a lot of Hersheys, the movie ‘Easy A’, a Skittles scented candle, and lightsaber chapstick. From my friends I got hoop earrings and two Star Wars bracelets.

   We watched It’s A Wonderful Life and then while we were doing that we heard the doorbell; it was our neighbor, he was informing us that someone had come and dropped off two giant garbage bags of presents on our doorway. So we brought them inside and sure enough, we had two bags full of gifts for the kids; board games, tons of candy, some random clothing items, books, you name it. And it only said it was from Santa on it. We got to play one of the board games in it and we laughed a lot. As for another tradition of ours, we’re having pizza for dinner. This year was so different from the past few years; Christmas hasn’t felt like “family time” in a long time, but this year it did. We did things together and laughed and joked around. We all sat around and played Play Doh at the kitchen table and had a Nerf war too. I really love my family. We have been so blessed. It doesn’t matter what happened last year; because my past doesn’t determine my present nor does it dictate my outlook on the future. I think my love for Christmas has been renewed. I am ever thankful for God for being my constant rock and place for refuge, the one thing in my life that was constant when everything else changed. Being someone who fears change, I love having a God who doesn’t. He has changed my life so much this year, but for the better. I’ve grown so much. It’s crazy to look back on where I was last year and see the difference; but that’s for a New Years post.

 I hope all of you guys had a great Christmas! Tell me about it! I love reading your comments. They make my day:) Anyhow, Merry Christmas y’all! God bless you!

 My favorite ornaments 🙂

 The bracelets my friend got me from Etsy!
 Gordon and his new sonic screwdriver

Me. Just chillin with my new coffee cup and leggings. Plus my favorite oversized sweater. For the win.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. I am so glad you guys had a great Christmas! After all the stuff you've been through this year a holiday like Christmas has got to come with a lot of mixed emotions. I loved reading about your family's unique traditions and the layered present from your brother; that happened to my sister this year too :)For us we usually get one \”big\” or \”main\” present and a few small ones; this year mine was a flat-bed scanner so I can scan my art onto my computer. I got some other cool stuff too like a pair of gloves I needed, an elephant necklace and bracelet, a wallet, and even a Duck Dynasty tupperware cup :)We watched It's A Wonderful Life too…easily one of my all-time favorite movies. Only cried about three or four times; it makes me more emotional every year, and we all love it a lot.Happy New Year! ❤


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