*Minor Catching Fire Spoilers*

   Have you ever felt like this? This was the scene that got to me the most in Catching Fire. Katniss was surrounded by jabberjays; they had voices and they swarmed her and spoke to her. I cried at this part because it was so relatable. Have you ever had a swarm of voices surround you and you respond just like Katniss did? Curl up and cry. I do. The last few days have been very mentally straining on me and I’ve felt like this. Especially today. It’s a scary thing to be in.
   I told my friend this and I explained this analogy to her. I was screaming for the voices to stop. I was trapped inside my own head. Overthinking and being lied to. The enemy has been trying to get to me and I know this full well. It’s because he knows what I’m capable of. So the voices came. Much like the Capitol knew what Katniss could do if she wasn’t stopped; so they attempted to stop her.
   I didn’t know what to do. Once that fear trigger is pulled, it rarely can be reversed except with time and rest. So I was stuck. On top of fear, I’ve been dealing with things with friends that is far beyond my capabilities to stop or even understand. I’ve been exhausted. I was terrified. But my friend said something and as she said it, Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots came on on my IPod. “And it soon ended.” She was right. The arena was a clock; each time frame had its own set of monsters. But they didn’t last. They stayed within their time frames. I realized the same was true for me. Its just for now. Yes the voices will come; and yes, I will endure them. Things come and go in time. You can’t change it or stop it; only press on or give up. Some trials will be handled better than others. But be still, know He is God, and know that this too shall pass. She also mentioned that the next horror they had to face were attacking monkeys. “Be ready.” She said. I will be. This will pass, and then I’ll have another monster to face. And I’ll fight it. And I shall win.
   There was one more thing my friend reminded me about voices.
   The devil lies. He lies to me. Sometimes you just need someone beside you to tell you its not real.

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Voices

  1. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this post ever since I read it. What you have to say really speaks to me. We all have our own Jabberjays, and we all need to remember they are from the Liar himself. All of your posts recently are really resonating with me. I think we're both fighting our enemy called fear. Thank you so much for writing this and commenting on my own post! Keep writing these posts too because they're another way to get freedom, I know from experience. 🙂


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