My Identity

   I have always tried to figure out what I was; you know, what category I fell into or “stereotype.” I always wanted to shape the image that people had in their minds about me. I wondered what others thought about me as well as how they thought about me. Did people think I was a nerd? A girly girl? A tomboy? There are countless misconceptions, as well as truths, that people could have about me: maybe people thought I was a “hipster”, innocent, loving, heartless, shy, odd, crazy, etc. But who was I really? I don’t even know if I could have answered that question some time ago.

   See, my style changes on daily basis. Right now my nails are painted black and I have dark eye makeup on, jeans, and a Green Day T-Shirt. It’s been a hard rock day. (Which, I’ll admit, are my favorite kind of days.) But by tomorrow I could be wearing a Star Wars dress, and then after that I might wear a nice skirt and bright girly makeup. You never know. So it depends on the day you meet me; your first impression might be that I’m a punk with my awesome purple/pink hair (I would like that very much actually.) or that I’m a typical white girl because I really do love Starbucks, or maybe that I’m a stereotypical nerd because I have braces and glasses and wear Star Wars T-Shirts and read X-Men comics. But truth be told, I really can’t be classified into a single category. I’m just Faith. I am my own person. I’m strange, odd, and shy; yet I have my moments of boldness. I realized how I have no idea how I manage to care so much and so little at the same time. It’s quite the talent. I don’t know how a person can be so apathetically obsessed with other opinions; so utterly unimpressed and yet being destroyed by others opinions. Honestly, I care so little about what people think or say of me, yet why do I care so much? I myself am a contradiction. You can’t understand me, I can hardly understand myself.

   Do you get what I’m saying? Does anyone else feel this way? Stereotyping is so wrong, I’ve come to realize. I understand why we as humans do it, because it helps our brains organize things and blah blah blah. (I’m a psych nerd.) But that shouldn’t be our excuse. And don’t sell yourself out either, that’s what I’ve always done and it’s stupid. Don’t tell yourself you can’t like rock music because it doesn’t match your clothing style; you don’t have to match. Don’t let the world try and shove you in a box or fit you in a mold; heck, don’t do that to yourself. You can be whatever kind of person you want to be. Your life shouldn’t be about pleasing others, instead it should be about being the greatest version of yourself you can be so you can bring glory to your Creator. I want everything I do to lift His name up. I want people to look at me and see Christ. If the things I do accomplish that, then I should strive for them. I should strive towards Christ. I really want that for my life; God has given me so many talents to use for Him and something I’m trying to figure out right now is how He wants me to use them. I’ll figure it out. So for now I’ll keep doing what He was called me to do and living my life for Him, unstained by the world. I’ll continue to write and read and photograph things and smile and sing and read and walk and talk and love just as Christ would want me to do. No one can shove me into a stupid box. I’m Faith; God’s princess. And just because I’m a princess, doesn’t mean you should assume I can’t blare my rap music. Because I can, and I will.

   (Now please enjoy some pictures of some punk rockers I’m in love with. You’re very welcome.)

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “My Identity

  1. Great post. I know I've been labeled by people with things like preacher's kid, cold or distant, freak, etc., but I've decided that I don't care how they label me. Only God can label me because I belong to him, and he has labeled me as his precious child!And yes, just because we are following God does not mean we can't go goth or punk or whatever our style is. As long as God comes first, it doesn't matter! I've been harassed for my choice in movies, music, etc., as if it's not \”Christian enough\”, which really annoys me. But I think it's very cool that you try new things every day. I love LOVE this post 🙂


  2. Inspiring, Princess Faith. I have to say, I have tried to put myself in a little box a lot lately.. and I came upon your blog… while looking for a way to connect to other teen Christian bloggers. Truth is, I almost didn't read this post. Jesus was like… \”Woah bro… take a look at this. Read it all the way through.. she knows what she is saying here.\” \”Ok God <3" and I did. Thank You, Faith. Jesus bless you


  3. Wow! Awww this made my day! Thank you! I am SO glad to hear that God spoke through this post! I checked out your ministry, keep it up! You're doing amazing things! Never let the devil discourage you! God bless!<3


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