The Meaning Of Life

“What is it we have been talking about? It is God’s love to us. Get the thought into your head a minute: “God loves me-not merely bears with me, thinks of me, feeds me, but loves me. Oh, it is a very sweet thing to feel that we have the love of a dear wife, or a kind husband; and there is much sweetness in the love of a fond child, or a tender mother; but to think that God loves me, this is infinitely better! Who is it that loves you? God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the Almighty, All in all, does he love me? Even he? If all men, and all angels, and all the living creatures that are before the throne loved me, it were nothing to this-the Infinite loves me!.. But this is the personal point-he loves me, an insignificant nobody, full of sin-who deserved to be in hell; who loves him so little in return-God loves me. Beloved believer, does not this melt you? Does not this fire your soul? I know it does if it is really believed. It must. And how did he love me? He loved me so that he gave up his only begotten Son for me, to be nailed to the tree, and made to bleed and die.”-Love’s Logic, Charles Spurgeon.

   This is my favorite sermon. I would recommend everyone read it, which you can do using THIS LINK. It’s long but totally worth the read. I’m basing a lot of this blog post off of this sermon. It was crazy hard to find just one quote from it to put on here but I decided to go with that one. I love it. To think of just how much God loves me excites me.

   I had a rough weekend and I was feeling very emotionally drained. Then a friend of mine said something to me which led to one thing and then to another and before I knew it God was blowing my mind with amazing things to show me. It turned out to be incredible, even though it started off as horrible. I went to look up a verse my friend sent me and then I decided to read all the verses around and it God sent me on a spree of looking for and reading verses. I came to a life changing conclusion.

   For the past few months I’ve been trying to learn how Jesus had the sort of relationship with God that He did. He was so in sync with His Heavenly Father that He knew His will and could heal people and perform miracles of various kinds. We have everything that Jesus had. We have the Holy Spirit; so what’s the deal? As I dug deeper into that I found (dare I say this?) the meaning of life. That’s a pretty insane claim, right? Call me a liar or a lunatic, you can even disagree, but this is something I have found to be profoundly true. 

   God loves me.

   “How is that the meaning of life?” you might ask.

   How is it not? In the sermon I quoted, Charles Spurgeon talked about 1 John 4:19. “We love because He first loved us.” Everything we do springs from the fact that Christ loves us. Think about that. Why do we love God? Because He loved us! Why do we serve God? Because we love Him, because He loves us. Why are we alive? Because He loves us. This fact is everything. Go back to the beginning paragraph; the quote. When you truly, deeply, and doubtlessly believe that God loves you, your soul yearns for Him, you want to love Him, you want to obey Him, you want to seek Him and please Him. You feel His love, so the natural response is to love Him and to love others. When we love Him, we keep his commandments, and when we keep His commandments, you’ll be living in God’s will and abiding in Him. (John 15:10.) That’s the secret. That’s how Jesus did it. He knew that God loved Him; and He operated in that knowledge. That incredible knowledge should change us.

   The problem is, it’s a lot easier said then done. We often times forget just how much we are adored by our Creator. We forget that this life is not our own, but it was a gift given to us because we are loved by Him. We need a revival of the soul that comes when we call out to Him and admit our need to be reminded of the love He has for us. When we come to Him with that request, He shows Himself. I’ve experienced this on many different occasions.

   In a way, it’s simple. I feel like people over complicate the gospel; but it’s really that God loves us. Because He loved us, He sent His Son. Because He loves us we accept His gift; we live for Him, we love Him and His creation in return. And that is what life is.

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2 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Life

  1. Hello Faith,Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts here. I just praying everyday that my life brings Him glory, and I love that how you invite us to adore Him more because He loves us, and He has loved us.May you have wonderful day.Love,Delvalina


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