I’m 13 days into NaNoWriMo…..

   And I haven’t given up yet

   And I’m at the word count I’m supposed to be at.

   Yes. BE PROUD!

   Honestly I didn’t think I had it in me to get this far. I know some people who are very behind and other who have given up completely. I’ve been writing every day and even though its been killing me because I’ve been lazy as heck, I want to change that this week and try and actually get out of my house and exercise or go for a walk. But I’ve written over 20k words. I’ve written 82 pages in 12 days. That’s a lot of writing! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to think of a title for my novel yet which I would like to have before I finish. I don’t even have an official synopsis either. I’m always very reluctant to tell people what my book is about because…I don’t know. Its a writers thing. Another thing I would like to get done is a book cover. I have virtually no ideas for a cover but I want my sister to model for it but she hates doing those things for me so if I can drag her out of bed long enough to do a photoshoot then maybe I’ll get somewhere.

   So if I shared what my book is about could you guys help me brainstorm titles?

   Alright! Thank you! I’ll also share some more experts from it because you guys are the best!

   My novel is about the journey of a high schooler named Allison Miller. She struggles with an eating disorder as well as self harm. She devotes her whole life to becoming thinner; that is, until she discovers that her sister, Autumn, whom she has never known well, is also trapped in a vicious depressive cycle. Allison becomes determined to help her sister slay her giants, while she still fights on her own inner demons.

   Its a story of courage in the midst of trials and pain, selfless love, and unwavering friendship.

   How does that sound to you? As I was writing that I had a title come to me, which was actually really cool. (This is why I love blogging. It helps me think.) But I want to hear what you guys think! Titles anyone? And here is one of my favorite quotes thus far.

   “Have you ever sat by the window with a mug of hot chocolate and watched the rain drip down the glass? Or driven in a car with the windows rolled down and music blaring? Have you gone to the beach and just run down the lakeshore? You get that invigorating feeling and you just feel so…alive. That’s how I know. Because that feeling is far too wonderful to be an accident.”

Happy writing! May the Force be with you!

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Wow, your book sounds fascinating! That quote is great. What about \”selfless love\” or \”trials around us\”, to quote some of your phrases. Keep up the good work! It's awesome how far you've already come!xx


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