Black And Whites

   Yesterday I was looking at some of the photography of Fransesca Woodman and I was blown away by it! A lot of her stuff was, well, less than awesome. But I read up on her and loved her story. Her photography was described as “intense.” and that was the best description word I could find. She mostly did black and white pictures, and even more frequently, self portraits. What fascinated me most about her self portraits were the fact that her face was always obscured or blurred. Her pictures relayed such emotion and depth. She killed herself was she was 22, and many of her pictures have depressing themes. My favorite picture of hers is this one.

   I can’t even explain what I love about this picture. I’ve never had a good eye for art and all that stuff, but yesterday I just felt so inspired and I really felt like I could connect to those pictures and I could see through Woodman’s eyes. I’ve really been able to grow in my photography skills with my new camera. Since it is nicer than my old one I have to ability to expand in my learning and I love it! It makes me happy. So here are some Fransesca Woodman inspired photos that I took! Tell me what you think!

   Also, NaNoWriMo is this month! It started today! I ACTUALLY HIT THE WORD COUNT FOR TODAY!!! I didn’t even think I could do that. lol. But I did! And that makes me so much more optimistic for the rest of it! I’m doing it for my RAIM kids so keep me in your prayers. (As silly as that sounds.) I want God to use me through my fiction writing. If you want me to post an excerpt of my novel then say so in a comment and I might post some:)
   I hope you like the pictures! I’m actually proud of them. God bless and may the Force be with you!

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Black And Whites

  1. Beautiful photographs! I've never heard of her before; what a sad story, but that photo of hers is gorgeous! You have some real talent in photography :)If you are okay with it I would love to read an excerpt from your book, of course!


  2. What an intense story of her. It's beautiful but sad I can see through what you posted here. But glad that you are inspired by her beautiful things.Yeah!!! I want you post it 🙂 :)Blessing,Delvalina


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