So Today…

Hello people!

   I feel oddly inspired today and I feel like doing a random post for no reason. So now you will be forced (well, I suppose you don’t have to read if you don’t want to.) So what am I up to? You’re about to find out.

   Right now I’m wearing my brand new Breakfast Club shirt, sipping hot chocolate for heat for my sore throat, watching Sixteen Candles, and writing songs. Its a good day. I went out to the mall earlier today with my dad for a late birthday present. That’s where I got the shirt I’m wearing along with a Star Wars shirt and a Loki shirt! (AHHH LOKI!!!!!)

   I’ve been listening to a lot of amazing music lately and having many music marathons. Mostly FM Static. So my playlist for the week is as follows:

I’d Do Anything For You-Foster The People
The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside-FM Static (This song fits me perfectly. I love it.)
I’m In Love With The 80’s (Pink Tux To The Prom)-Relient K. (Forever my favorite song.)
Stomach Tied In Knots-Sleeping With Sirens
Tonight-FM Static
Terrible Things-Mayday Parade
Brave-Nichole Nordeman
Every Little Thing-Hawk Nelson (Acoustic!)
Stay Beautiful-Taylor Swift
Cool Kids-Echosmith
The Sandlot Theme music (Little Things-One Direction (Don’t hate.)
Kitchen Sink-Twenty One Pilots

   I’ve also been watching an unhealthy amount of Magic School Bus because its on Netflix now. That show is seriously my childhood! I love it! I also started reading the Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue and I really like it so far. Oh! I watched the Hobbit this week too! For the second time. The new trailer for the second one looked awesome so that was really exciting. When I went to the movies last night (I saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. Meh….) I saw the posters for the new X-Men: First Class movie and the Winter Soldier!

   I have an uneventful week ahead other than doing stuff for Rise Above It and church/youth group tomorrow. Yay! How was your week?

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “So Today…

  1. My week was alright, but I am glad it's the weekend.Magic School Bus! Awesome show, that is. 😀 Less than three months until \”The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!\” I've seen the new trailer too, and I must say I hope to see it in 3 D.Have a great week, Faith!P.S. I like a song from One Direction, too- Shhhhh…. 😉


  2. Awh, I hope you get to feeling better! I'll be praying for ya. 🙂 Oh my gosh, magic school bus… I used to watch that soooo much when I was little!! That show is amazing. 😀 And yayyy for Hobbit! ;D And my week was lovely. Boring, but still lovely. 😉


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