Geek Fashion

Let me just say that I am seriously the worst when it comes to fashion. And I’m ok with that. I don’t know what colors go together and what kinds of pants go with a certains shirt or whatever. I’m awful at it. But I’m also not too worried about it because I don’t really dress for style….like ever. But the other day I decided to try and throw together an outfit. Now, being me, I can’t just dress stylish without a catch. Nope. So I centered the outfit around a new skirt I got from my aunt…which happened to be a Doctor Who pencil skirt.

   I had about an hour to throw it together before church in the morning and honestly, I was very proud of myself. I’ll probably wearing this combination quite often. Though I did realize that I could have thrown my blue scarf with it and that would really make it cool. (Next time for sure.)

   I also got a necklace from a lady from my church the other day and I realized that my new Doctor Who keychain would look awesome on it. So I clipped that on there and it worked perfectly! Not to mention the fact that the first wallet I grabbed out of my drawer because it was blue matched the colors well and also had a bow tie on it! All that and throw on a pair of black high heeled boots…yeah I was looking pretty classy. It was funny because the people who didn’t know Doctor Who just thought it was a really funky skirt and thought it looked cool, and the people who knew what it was from thought I was awesome. 
   Yay for Doctor Who skirts! So what do you guys think?

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