Just…Little Things

If you’re anything like me then you’re probably in love with the little things. On really crappy days (like the past two days I’ve had…) you should look back and remember those little things. That’s what I do. So I want to share some of them with you. A lot of them will be my own personal thoughts but I’m going to get most of them from justlittlethings.net. (If they’re from that website than I’ll write the number down.) So here is my personal favorite collection of little things!

804. When a friend goes out of their way to help you.
803. Catching someone smiling to themselves.
797. Unexpected hugs.
Hugs in general.
twenty one pilots marathons
Snuggling with a good book
When you hear a song that perfectly matches your situation
Taking the perfect picture
Feeling confident
Getting a letter
Reading an amazing book
Finding a bible verse that speaks to you
789. When someone remembers small details about you
958. People who just get you
954. Listening to music with a new pair of headphones
When someone compliments my blog
Wearing bright red lipstick
780. When someones face lights up when they see you.
775. When someone says something that you were just thinking
771. Getting a text from someone you were just thinking about
768. Finding out you have the same interests as someone else.
Lazy days
758. Unexpected compliments
757. When someone is protective of you
748. Getting lost in a book
That writing rush
When someone says they were thinking about you
939. Inspiring quotes
742. Finally seeing someone you’ve missed
741. When people come to you for advice
When you’re able to give good advice
God highs
732. Finding out that someone still has a gift you gave them a long time ago
When someone smiles at you
728. When people tell you that they saw something that reminded them of you
725. Achieving familial status at a friends house
Camp fires
Feeling infinite
Wearing soft hoodies
That feeling you get when you walk out of a theater after seeing a great movie
719. When someone stands up for you
717. When someone is as excited as you are about something
When your voice sounds perfect when you sing
Beautiful sunrises/sunsets
687. Going through a box of childhood things
684. Finally listening to a song you’ve had stuck in your head all day
Successfully singing the rap part of a song without messing up
682. Making a reference to something and someone gets it
687. Bonding with someone you never expected to
687. A hug when you needed it the most
665. When someone calls you their best friend
656. When a baby smiles at you
The sound high heels make when you walk in them
When someone says your name in a sentence
When someone says you smell nice
Surprise visits from a friend
Sweet texts
Getting something you’ve wanted for a long time
Checking something off your bucket list
610. Being in someones profile picture
Random acts of kindness

   These are the things I cling to when I feel down. I love them. So the next time you feel sad, make a list like this or read them on justlittlethings.net. That website is golden I tell you. Now I just want to share a few pictures that I took over the past week or so.

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

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