My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday!!! So to start off with here are some pictures that I got from my IPod. The first one is a picture that my sister made me. haha. The second one is my cake and the third one is a card I got from Becky from Thoughts From A Vintage Teen. (Check out her blog!)

   Sorry the pictures are so huge by the way. That what happens when I take them from my IPod. Ok, so for those of you that don’t know, my friend/ministry partner, Diana, has a birthday the day before mine. So ever since we met 2 years ago we’ve been celebrating together. On the 25th she came over and we made rainbow cheesecake because she saw it on Tumblr and really wanted to make some. The pictures I have from that are really cool!

   We also spent most of the day watching the Magic School Bus with Becca from I Write…Monkeys… (Check out her blog too. She’s gonna be an author one day! She gives great advice for writers.) It was a great day. The cheesecake tasted delicious! Then on the 26th, Diana came over again and we walked to my favorite store which is just a little vintage/resale toy store. They have Star Wars toys galore! They were selling vintage action figures for $3 a piece so I might go back today to buy some. My cousin, her son, and her fiance came over as well. It was my cousins birthday too so that was fun. Then she took me to get my nose pierced!!!!!! FINALLY!!! I only teared up a little bit but I didn’t cry! I was really nervous because he just did it by hand, no special gun or equipment; just a guy shoving a needle through my nose. It feels a little tender now but I love it! It looks really pretty and I am very happy with my birthday present. And the customer service was really good at the tattoo parlor we went to.
   Now today I’m having some friends over and then I might go out with my aunt on Saturday. I can’t believe I’m 17!!! AHHHH!!! I like it:)
   As far as future posting goes, I want to post some photography and random IPod pictures in the next few days. And I might do a ‘My life according to Instagram’ post. haha. Those should be fun.
   Have a great weekend!

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