A Lovely Weekend

So on Friday I went out to my aunts lake house with two of my sisters to spend the night there. Let me just say that it was gorgeous out there! I loved just sitting out on the pier and listening to the waves crash up against the beach. I also got to ride out on a boat and I was allowed to drive it! That was super fun. It was such a relaxing place to just feel God and listen to Him which I really needed. On Friday night we also went and saw a movie in the park; they were showing Finding Nemo.

You can’t really tell but there was a rainbow outside of my house the other day. 

This is my aunts lake house!:)

   I took Ben (my new camera) and was able to take a lot of fun pictures while I was there, and it was the perfect place to do it! It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright and there was a nice breeze. It couldn’t have been more perfect. After I got back from that little vacation I headed straight to my brothers best friends graduation/birthday/going away to college party. That was also fun.
   On Sunday I biked to church in the morning and Lassie (my bike) actually broke on the way there but luckily I was able to fix him up and finish the ride there. The sermon was good as our pastor wrapped up his series on Ecclesiastes. After that my friend and I biked down to the mall where we met up with another friend of ours. We basically had the best day ever. God really blessed me in more ways than I could write in this post. It brought me to tears last night simply because of the tremendous amount of joy I had in me. I am so excited to see where He’s leading me. Yes, I am really nervous and stressed about school but right now I’m ignoring that to focus on the good things. Its so crazy because I never could have planned any of this for myself. And none of this took God by surprise; He knew this years ago back when I was still convinced I knew where my life was going. But His plans are so much greater than mine and for that I am thankful.
   Now, another exciting thing that happened this week is….my brother has a girlfriend:) I just have to tease them about it on here because I know she reads my blog. (Hi Darby!) He is going away to college on Friday so that’s going to be really hard for me and my family, I’m going to miss talking to him and getting advice from him. Seriously I have no idea how I’m supposed to know what to do without him.
Shane and Darby!
   So yeah! My youth group had a challenge meeting for students who want to help shape the group and step up and lead. Other than that I’ve been struggling with writing posts for my ministry website and trying to get more publicity for that. But I have felt God using me in a few ways and for once when He called me to do something, I didn’t back down. Sorry its all vague; maybe soon I’ll share more. But for now, that is all. God is so good.

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5 thoughts on “A Lovely Weekend

  1. I'm so glad you had such a great weekend! 🙂 It was so weird the first year my brother went to college…I'd usually go downstairs to his room and tell him about my stories and talk to him and drive him nuts and make him cookies and stuff…and then suddenly he just wasn't there anymore! But it was funny, I just kinda grew up a lot while he was gone that first year. :/xoxsw


  2. God is wonderful toward you dear sister :)I am sorry to hear about your brother but glad that he has a special partner.Anyway, my favorite picture is the rainbow. It's beautiful and magical. and Oh! I love the cabinthe stone and log house has been in my dream for years. I hope it will be my future house.Thanks for sharing your blessed times here.Hugs,Delvalina


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