Identity Crisis

Have you ever started watching a new TV show and you begin to tell everyone about and they think you’re crazy because no one has ever even heard of it before, but then you wake up one morning and its everywhere you turn and its popularity has dramatically jumped through the roof? If you’ve ever experienced this then you probably know that feeling you get afterwards. That “I liked it before it was cool…” feeling. Suddenly you’re no longer unique in that way. You look like just another crazed fan wanting to fit in with the crowd.

   See, at my church I’m known as the girl who loves Star Wars. Really, everywhere I go people just know me as the one who’s obsessed with Star Wars. That’s who I am. But recently I’ve gotten a few other people to share my passion. Sure, I love that! I really do. But now the one thing that made me different from the others is gone. I don’t stand out in that way anymore. That has really bothered me lately; but it also taught me something. I’ve been finding my identity in that. I let this thing, as beautiful as it is, determine who I was. God gave me this passion to use for Him but lately it hasn’t been supporting me.

   The danger of finding your identity in something of this world, something feeble and unstable, is that it can be stolen.

   I want to emphasize that point. If we let ourselves be found in worldly things then those things can be easily taken from us. That’s why it is essential that we find ourselves in Christ and in Him alone. Because if we build our whole beings around something and then it gets stolen, we’re left with nothing. It will strip us of everything we are and we will be left broken, hurt, and alone. God is our firm foundation. When we find our identity in Him then we are finding ourselves in something that can’t be shaken nor stolen. He is God.

   Lately God has really been teaching me to find my identity in Him and to love myself because He created me. I am not beautiful because of how I look; not because I have blonde hair or seemingly nice brown eyes, but because I have God’s fingerprints all over me. I am His handiwork. I am unique; not because I’m the most knowledgeable Star Wars fan in my community, but because I was created differently. I was created to be different from everyone else. Like snowflakes, each one of us is unique.

   Is there something that you’ve been finding your identity in that isn’t God? Maybe its time for a little bit of reflection and self examination.

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I love this post so much! sing…\”I know who I am, I know who I am, I know who I am….I am Yours I am yours…and Your mine\” this poat reminds me of Israel and new breed song :)I love how you encourage readers and put into beautiful post today.thank for reminding me 🙂


  2. I kind of know what you mean in the beginning there about liking something before it was \”cool,\” which is what I felt like about Doctor Who. Two years ago there did not seem like a lot of fans, but now it is one of the biggest fandoms out there. Great message and I agree!-James


  3. Great thoughts. I feel that way sometimes too, when I am the only one who likes something and then everyone else likes it too. And it is not those things that define us but the Lord 🙂


  4. Wow, that's a really good point. I've never thought about that before. It kind of goes with something I've been thinking about, that our worth is from God, not what we do or don't do. Thank you, and great post!


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