My Amazing Week

Hey guys! So today is an amazing day for Princess Faith because…….I reached 40 followers!!!! I’m sure all of you people with hundreds are probably like “Whateverrrrr” but I’m excited! Because I’m almost to 50! I didn’t think I’d ever make it that high! But I did! All by God’s amazing grace. So this is really just the cherry on top of a perfect week for me! Honestly, this week was fantastic. Alright, prepare to hear all about it.

   I guess we’ll start off last Saturday when I got to visit some friends up at the camp I just got back from. I got to go with another friend of mine and say hi to people and really just walk around and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of it all. I really enjoyed that. Then on Sunday I had church which I always enjoy and that night I got to watch Mean Girls with my older brother. On Monday that same brother and I got to meet up with our youth leaders like we do every week but this week my best friend was also there as well as my youth leaders daughter. The girls met to discuss my ministry that I run with my best friend, Diana. (To learn about that click the ministry tap up top.) Our youth leaders daughter, Sarah, has worked in the field that we want to go into some day so she was able to help us a ton and that was very encouraging to hear from her. On Tuesday I got a letter from my friend who’s at camp and I wasn’t expecting it so that made my day. Wednesday I biked to my friends house and got to talk to her for a bit, she’s been at camp for a few weeks so that was cool. After that I biked to Diana’s house and we did RAIM stuff and watched SHARKNADO!!!!! So then on Thursday I biked to her house again for bible study and we got to talk a lot and we walked to the Walmart that we didn’t know was a few blocks from her house.

   Friday. So… sister won tickets to go see a private twenty one pilots concert….so on Friday we got VIP tickets to a private concert and meet-and-greet. Plus we got free signed pictures. I basically died. You don’t even understand how happy I was…I’m still smiling. I’m obsessed. Seriously though. They were freaky nice! I wore my “Jesus shirt” (its just a shirt that I own that says ‘Jesus’ on it.) and they said they liked it and they were really chill and awesome and….yeah….I’m so happy:) I had such an incredible time. Their music is so deep and I’ve been listening to them every day because they make me so happy.

   Ok I’m done with my twenty one pilots rant. Now, on Saturday I went up to camp again and this time I stayed there allllll day. I had the best day ever. (well, second best. Because Friday was my favorite.) I got to see all my friends and we hung out by the lake and talked. My two little brothers are also there because they’re staying the week. Noah is actually in the cabin that I stayed in when I went up, and his leader is a guy I know from camp. Yeah. We also got to go and get frozen custard from this place that all the camp kids love. We also got pictures of my best friend inside a dryer. (She’s short…) And today was church and a lady I know gave me a card that made me cry and I went out with friends. We went to Guitar Center and drooled over all the amazing guitars. I actually pretended to play a few of them. I also realized that I really want a ukulele.

   So yeah. My week. Sorry if that was long/boring. But I really had an amazing week. Now I’m just taking it easy and listening to twenty one pilots because seriously I love them so much. How was your week? What did you do? What is one little thing that made you smile?

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One thought on “My Amazing Week

  1. Congrats on 40 (41 now) followers!! That's really exciting about the concert! Sounds like a great experience. Glad you had such a good week. 🙂


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