A Thought For The Week

In just 1 day, 14 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds….I will be heading off the Camp for the week! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I am beyond excited! Its a co-ed, all high school week. Last year was my first time going that week and it blew me away! I’ve literally never been this excited for camp! Last year was life changing for me. I still quote things that I learned last year and I still think about all that God taught me. The theme last year was No Fear and since fear has been a struggle of mine, you can probably guess how it impacted me. But not just in that aspect, but many more.

   I can’t wait to see how God will speak to me this coming week and how He’ll use me! My little sister, Dayle, is actually up at camp this week along with a few friends of mine. (A lot of which are workers up there. So they’ll be up there all summer.) I really miss my sister. Not gonna lie. But I heard that she is doing really well! Today I got a letter from my friend, Maddi, who has been up there the past 2 weeks. I love getting letters! I jumped around my room when I got it. It was wonderful.

   Since I’ll be at camp, you won’t hear from me for a week so I am sorry for that. You’ll probably get a mega long post when I come back so that will make up for the week. But I want to leave you guys something to ponder while I’m away at camp.

   I saw this picture on Tumblr, I think. It really hit me. Its my new wallpaper for my IPod. What’s your first reaction? What do you think when you see this?
   I love this so much. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I finally understand that saying. This picture says so much more than I could ever write. What does it say to you? 
   Here is what I think. This is our job as believers and followers and Christ. We have all the pink and purple balloons that no one else has. Don’t be a hog; share them! But there’s one thing about this: you don’t know if the little boy takes the balloon. But does it matter? No. Because our job isn’t to make sure they grab it, our only job is to offer it. We are children of the Light, we need to act as such.
   We are called to love one another and to help one another. Period. No if, and, or buts. Its simple. Share your light. Keep that in mind this week.
   And I’m off! Keep me in your prayers this week as well as the other campers and leaders. I’ll see you next week!

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “A Thought For The Week

  1. \”But there's one thing about this: you don't know if the little boy takes the balloon. But does it matter? No. Because our job isn't to make sure they grab it, our only job is to offer it\”….Love it! That's exactly what we are meant to do as Christians!


  2. hey! I just started blogging literally yesterday and your page is awesome! my page is all about young christians and just encouraging words. I'd love to have you as a follower!! I'm most definitely trying to reach out to others so they can read what God puts on my heart! This is awesome


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