Ministry, Ministry, Ministry.

Wow! Last week was a crazy week! I did more stuff for my missions trip to earn some money and I earned enough so I am paid in full! YAY! In exactly one week from now I will be in a hot van full of some of my favorite people and we’ll be Tennessee bound! I am SO excited! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us up there. I have a feeling it will be a very impactful week for me. I hope I have as big of an impact on the people there as they’re bound to have on me.

   But this week I met with my best friend and ministry partner, Diana, a few times to work on our ministry. We prayed a lot and invited more people to Like our Facebook page and did some work on the site and just brainstormed about what we could do to expand our ministry. Especially in ways that would take us out of our comfort zone. So today we talked to our pastor and asked him if there would be any way we could get some sort of advertisement or support from church and he told us to type up a short paper about what exactly we do and such and to have it emailed to him by tonight because they’re having an elders meeting tomorrow. So please be praying that they would choose to support us even in by simply praying for us at each meeting.

   One thing we have made sure we do whenever we see each other is to pray for this ministry and for some friends and other things like that. We have really been praying for more people to get involved and God has really just blown us away with how good He is and teaching us how powerful prayer is. Diana and I had seen each other on Thursday and we prayed, and then we prayed again the next day and invited some people to Like the page and did some advertising and by Friday we had gone from about 30 Facebook Likes, to 45. We are now at 47. God directly answered that prayer. It was so amazing. My own personal page even went up to 40 which made me very happy. One other thing we did to increase our audience was we got a Twitter! You can follow us @RAIMissions.

   Diana also have the privilege of getting to follow me around on a mini photography expedition. I wanted to get some pictures I could edit for the Rise Above It site. So I got a few cool pictures. Though when I came home and looked at the pictures on my computer I realized that most of them were grossly out of focus which bothered me so very much. But I would like to share the few good ones I did get.

   So this week should be fun! I am so excited to see what God does with this ministry. Its all for Him. But keep us in your prayers, especially since Diana and I will both be going on the missions trip next week. Its going to be amazing! Yay! God is so awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Ministry, Ministry, Ministry.

  1. Oh yey! Thats must be awesome. I will be praying for you dear Faith. I'm excited to see whats going to do in your service. For sure i cant wait to hear from you about it here 😉 The pictures are beautiful. Blessing,Delvalina


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