This Post Contains Prom Pictures!

Yeah sorry, I really had no creative title for this post. (That was actually going to be the title but I decided to save that for another time.) So I’ve had a pretty fun week last week and I think I’m in for another one this week. On Saturday a bunch of my friends had prom so I got to go and take pictures of them and their dates which was a lot of fun. Then I was invited to the post prom party, so we all went to the beach at midnight and played volleyball. After volleyball we went to IHop and then to Wendy’s for frosties. It was an…interesting night, to say the least. Then on Sunday after church, me and my friend, Diana, went to work at a historical society nearby! I got to work there last year to model vintage wedding gowns and that was such a cool experience! All the people there are wonderful and so very nice. After we worked they even let us try on an old wedding dress! While I was working I found an original Star Wars VHS tape and they said I could keep it! So really, these people are the bomb. Here’s a picture of one of the wedding gowns they had on display there. They gave us a tour of the place and it was great because it was just us. Imagine having your own mini museum all to yourself and being able to touch and try on all the stuff. That’s what it was like.

So on Sunday night we had a meeting for all the kids going on the missions trip at the end of the month. It was just kind of to prepare us, spiritually, for the trip. We’ll be going to Tennessee to help families with kids who have life threatening illnesses and to also help those kids. So please be praying for us. I am super excited for this and I have the feeling its going to be life changing. Pray that God would use me. I really want to be impacted and I just have such a strong desire to help people.
   Annnnnnnd today I got to work at a ladies house who goes to my church. It was awesome because I got to see more vintage stuff! She collects dolls and old things in a general really. She had an oil lamp that was 120 years old! She also had some cooking things and stuff like that. She also showed me pictures of her some of the work she’s done, since she’s really crafty. She made some custom wedding cake toppers which looked perfect!
   Now! Its time for some prom pictures! They didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped and it was kind of a rough day for me emotionally so I definitely wasn’t at the top of my game. But here they are! I hope you like them.

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4 thoughts on “This Post Contains Prom Pictures!

  1. you are so lucky to ever got there and work with vintage stuff even as model 🙂 I have always wanted hehe.and you had so much fun in the picture. Wondering which one is you ? :)You have beautiful heart and generous heart of loving and caring people. God must be proud of you.have a blessed day!Blessing,Delvalina


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