Welcome Izabelle Grace!

Yesterday a little princess was born. Her name is Izabelle Grace. She’s my new little sister. She was born at 1:30pm and she weighs 5 pounds and 15 ounces. She’s a tiny little girl. My sister, Dayle, and I got to be there when she was born, along with my Mom’s friend. Sadly, they probably won’t be home until tomorrow, so that means I’ll be role playing as Mom until she gets back. But even once she comes home I’ll have to take care of the kids a lot more so she can rest.

   Yesterday after Izzy was born I came home from the hospital and got really sick. I was exhausted and had a very upset stomach and a massive headache. So I pretty much slept all day except for about an hour when my friend came over to attempt to teach me ASL. (Yeah that failed, it was way too hard for me to focus with my heachache so we just talked.) But yeah, my mom did fantastic. It was so sweet to see her talk to her baby. You could just see the love in her eyes. This picture is a good one to portray the emotions she had.

So yeah! That’s really all there is to say. But I am very excited she had a girl. I don’t know if I could have dealt with another boy. So for all of you that don’t know, Izzy is baby number 9. I don’t think Ryne (the next one up. He’s 2.) fully understands that he has a sister. He has only seen pictures of her. 
   When my mom was still maybe, 5 months pregnant, Lois told my mom that she had a dream that God told her the baby was a girl. Sure enough, she was right. When she was born she got a little pink hat with a bow on it that I love! She is such a precious little girl. I got to hold her in the hospital and she just felt so light! It was almost like holding a bundle of blankets, but there was actually a baby in those blankets. I can’t wait for her to come home so I can see her and Mommerz!

 It’s going to be an interesting week and I’m a bit worried about my mom for when she comes home. The kids tend to get a little crazy when they get a new sibling. As much as I’m sad that they won’t be coming home today, I’m also glad because they need all the rest they can get and it’ll be nice and quiet there. I hope I can get better pictures once they come home because it was so hard to take them in the hospital because I can’t use flash (for obvious reasons.) and the lighting was really bad at the hospital which, combined, makes a bad setting for picture taking.

   But in other news, I got to do a photoshoot with my lovely friend, Maddi. (you can follow her on Twitter @MaddiLandmesser) It was kinda hard because it had just rained and was still misting a bit. But I did what I could and overall they turned out pretty good. I’ll probably post those pictures another time. I want to get in the habit of posting more of my photography. I’ve been messing with my camera a lot and practicing not using any auto settings. (Which was the advice I got from my favorite photographer, Savanna.) I’ve also been getting more photography books to become familiar with all the settings and what not.

   Annnnnnd that about covers it for today. Just some more randomness, I want to see if I can get 50 Likes on my page, I’m at 35 right now so if you haven’t liked it, head over to that by using THIS LINK. And share the blog and such with your friends:) I’ve also been trying to get some more stuff going at riseaboveitmissions.weebly.com. My ministry page. If you have a story you want to share, your testimony, or a struggle you’ve been dealing with or overcame, and want to encourage some others, then post it on those forums! Share your stories and your advice!

   So that is all for today. May the Force be with you!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Izabelle Grace!

  1. Congratz! and how cute is she :)I pray that you will be great sister for her and she will grow up in Christ to glorify His name.I have followed you on bloglovin that will make me easy to come to see your blog.Blessing,Delvalina


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