Silas Edenfield

Back in March I made a post about a little boy named Silas. (You can see that post by clicking THIS LINK) If you Like my Facebook page then you already know the news. Little Silas passed away on May 25th. This news hit a lot of people very hard. Silas really impacted my life and taught me so much. My sister was also heartbroken because she loved this boy like he was her own little brother. It really was a bittersweet day. How can I say that it was even a little sweet? Because Silas’ prayers for the week prior to that day were him asking God to let him come home. He talked about getting his new body that would be cancer free and getting to meet God. He really wanted to go. Silas was also in pain; but not anymore. He got his new body. I am so happy for him, yet I’m sad for all the people that are still here who miss him. I would say rest in peace dear Silas but I know he’s not resting, with his new body he has to ability to to run around and dance and worship God.

   This little boy changed lives. His faith in God was outstanding. Right now his Facebook page has over 50,600 likes. A few months ago the people at Sea World named a sea turtle after him (which he was able to meet.) because sea turtles are his favorite animal. His story has been in newspapers and news channels and places all over. He asked everyone to paint their nails gold for childhood cancer and so many people did. There was even a nail polish company who made their own gold color and called it “Silas Gold.”

   Please pray for his family. Pray that God would give them joy and a peace beyond that of this world. Also, go show some support for childhood cancer; paint your nails gold or donate some money to a hospital or charity. So now I just want to leave you with this video for you to watch because it will make your heart melt. Silas Edenfield; that kid is my hero.

   (Well….sorry I can’t get the video to work properly on this but I can leave you with the link to it.)

   Click right HERE to watch the video of Silas talking about heaven.

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