Well Currently…

I saw a few of the blogs I follow (To Thine Own Self Be True and In The Shade Of My Wide Brimmed Hat. 2 of my favorites!) do this and I thought it would be fun to do. Its pretty much an update on me! I like reading these sort of things and I hope you do too! So lets begin shall we?

   Currently listening:
   Still Into You by Paramore! I seriously love Hayley Williams! She’s not afraid to be herself and in this video she’s just all out crazy and I love that about her! And the song is soooooooo awesome! Plus the rhythm is so catchy! I sing it all the time. Check it out!

   Currently reading:
   Balance Point by Kathy Tyers (from the New Jedi Order series.) and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Balance Point is beautiful!!! So far its my favorite in the series! I thought I would be able to finish it in a weekend but the end is sorta boring me. But I just haven’t had the attention this week. Same with The Great Gatsby. His writing style is different and for whatever reason I’m really struggling with it.

   Currently drinking:
   Powerade!!! I’m actually drinking some as I type this. Red Powerade is my favorite and I’ll settle for Gatorade. I’m so glad I haven’t been drinking a lot of soda because my family decided they didn’t like Coke anymore (which is my favorite…) and now they buy cherry Pepsi…gross….but today we got a 12 pack of Mountain Dew and its in the fridge calling me especially since I’m exhausted from only getting 4 hours of sleep last night. And I’m addicted to Mountain Dew!

   Currently missing:
   The kids from my missions trip last year! Last night I just looked at all the pictures I have of them and my heart…it ached. They were so amazing. I was remembering all the funny things they said and when this little girl said my name for the first time. (I didn’t think she remembered it.) And the pictures we drew with chalk on the blacktop. One day I taught them the story of the man born blind from the Bible where Jesus rubbed the mud on his eyes and then we opened them and his vision was great again. I asked the kids what they learned and this little boy said “That if you’re blind and you rub mud on your eyes, you’ll be able to see!” Hahaha oh it made my day. Needless to say I had to specify that it was Jesus’ power that healed him. But it was great.

   Currently watching:
   Doctor Who. AND CYBERCHASE!!! That show was my childhood…oh, and Star Wars episode 3!

   Currently feeling:
   Exhausted. Fearful. Everything seems to tip me off and make me upset so I’m learning to let things go. Though today has been a good day. I’ve really been enjoying my pastors recent sermon series called “Life Sucks.” I can’t stress how much I love that title. Hahaha:) Its taken from the book of Ecclesiastes and its about how life is just a cycle and the most you can do is just enjoy life. People will let you down, the government is always corrupt, and you won’t always get what you deserve. That’s life. Don’t let the sucky things in life keep you from enjoying the one life you have. So that has really helped me.

   Currently writing:
   Good gosh…technically I’m trying to finish a book but yeah its been weeks since I last wrote…maybe even months…I’m a horrible writer. I’ve been re-writing that book for like…a year…I’m so sorry.

   Currently loving:
   My little brother Ryne!!! He makes my life! His smile just makes my heart melt and he is so random and odd and hilarious. He can make anybodies day brighter!

   Currently wishing:
   That I could go to Star Wars Weekends and then I could see all my fellow fangirls and all these SW celebrities and tons more awesome stuff! But I guess I’ll just have to settle for looking at every single SWW picture and reading every blog. (If you’re going, I want to hear how it was! Add pictures too!)

   Currently excited:
   My missions trip to Tennessee! I’m kinda worried about how I’m going to get the money but I know that God will provide. He always does. But I’m excited because we’ll be working with kids and the families of kids who are hospitalized from sicknesses. This is going to be a very emotionally heavy trip for us. But I love doing these sort of things. I can’t wait! Oh! And my missions Facebook page only needing one more Like to reach 30!!! So put your mouse over this here text and click the link and be awesome and Like this page.

   Currently stressing:
   School. I’m really struggling with…well, everything in school. Save for psychology. But my mom gave my biology book back to its owner because they needed it so I feel like I failed bio but oh well. Math never makes sense and I really couldn’t care less about American History. Though I have been taking a break from that to do Chinese history which is way more my thing. But nonetheless, I feel like I should be working harder or doing more. Hmmm…

   Currently completed:

   Now here are some things I’ve been up to recently!
   I had to help my upstairs neighbor break into her house this morning. (which is on the second floor.) I got halfway up the latter before I totally freaked out and came back down. I also bought a bible for my unsaved friend! I am SOOOO excited about it! I can’t wait until it comes! I also won a bible (the day after I bought one…*facepalm*) from Sisterhood Magazine! I’m also going to my youth leaders house tonight like I normally do weekly but I we haven’t been there in like, a month. So yeah. How are you guys?

   May the Force be with you always!

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One thought on “Well Currently…

  1. I love Mountain Dew and Coke too! :)The Great Gatsby is an interesting book; I read it a couple years ago and I want to see the new movie. It looks pretty good, I guess?Hang in there – you can do all things through Christ!(and my blog is one of your favorites? Wow…!)


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