4 Ways To Get Excited About The Bible

So today I was reading my bible and a lot of really cool things jumped out at me and I just enjoyed reading God’s word and being in His presence. I recently got a new bible from my youth leader because the one I had was more for younger kids and I have found that reading it is like…a whole new perspective! I LOVE it! And that got me thinking how it can sometimes be hard to enjoy reading your bible. Don’t lie, sometimes it feels more like a burden or an obligation. Though thats not what its supposed to be, it still often times feels like that. So today I wanted to give you some tips on how to get back to actually loving getting in the Word. These are just some things that I found helpful when I don’t feel like reading my bible.

1.) Get a new Bible.
   For me, when I read my new bible it felt like a totally different experience! Try a new translation, it might help you to understand a few things better. And then compare the two translations. You can also try blueletterbible.org to look for translations and the Greek meanings. (I love doing that!)

2.) Get a Devotional book.
   I love getting tools to use alongside my bible. And I especially devo books. Because sometimes you open the bible and its just like BAM! 66 books of God’s word. That’s a lot. It can be hard to know where to start. But devotionals help you to keep on track with a specific topic/book and they can offer a new perspective and things you may never have thought of on your own. Get one thats targeted towards your age group or that you can relate to.

3.) Find a study partner.
   Find a close friend and study a book/passage/topic together! I have a few of my friends that I love just discussing God with. We can bounce ideas off each other and talk about the things God has been teaching us. Getting excited about the bible is cool when you have other people that are equally as excited as you. You could also join a bible study or small group.

4.) Find a way to stay focused during sermons.
   I hated sermons for the longest time. I’m more a fan of asking questions and being able to talk about it while I learn it. But I have found ways to be able to focus! Yay! I enjoy taking notes, my church has sheets they pass out for note takers, but I also have a notebook where I keep all my bible stuff written down. I also love Tweeting things I find interesting and reading what my fellow Sermon Tweeting friends are saying. That allows me to discuss the sermon and ask questions when I’m confused without disturbing the people around me. I also know some people who like drawing while they listen, they said it helps them to focus. I like that. And if you don’t regularly attend church, I recommend finding one. Churches are awesome. Fellowship rocks. But you can also listen to sermons online. I have a few sermons on cassettes and CDs too. So if you can’t get to church, look into listening online. I think there are a few radio stations that play old sermons on Sundays, though I don’t know which ones.

   So there it is! I hope these help you because I know they really have helped me! I also really like taking notes in my bible and using my trusty highlighters! That way when I don’t know what to read, I just read through some stuff I’ve highlighted, because they must be good verses if I highlighted it. What do you do to keep connected with God or stay focused and excited?

   Have a great week and may the Force be with you!

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

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