Be Somebody

Hello all! Before I start my inspirational rant I want to just make some announcements. Well, my Facebook page almost has 40 likes! YES! So if you like my blog and want to come support me then just hop over HERE and like my page. Also, I’m almost at 30 blog followers so its really exciting! I am so thankful for all of you! And my next blog post will be my 100th so I want to do something cool so if you have any ideas then let me know:) Now one final thing; remember that girls outreach night I had posted about? Well, some pictures I took and a short paragraph about it was posted on the Operation Beautiful website!!! So I am super excited about that. Thanks for all of your continual support! Keep being awesome.

   Now on to what I came here to say. I’ve been thinking alot about people. Let me elaborate, and I’m sorry if I get all psychology weird; but see, everyone has their own personality and their own hopes and dreams. We are all different and yet, we’re all very similar. We all want people to see us for who we really are and yet…we don’t know how to do that. Sometimes people can act differently when we’re around people, or just certain people. A lot of times people can get the wrong impression of you or you can appear a different way. Everyone has their own way of viewing you, whether its correct or not.

   But what I’ve been noticing is that we, especially us teens, really want to be somebody. Let me share some song lyrics with you. These come from the song ‘Be Somebody’ by Thousand Foot Krutch.

    “We all want to be somebody. We just need a taste of who we are. We all want to be somebody. We’re willing to go but not that far.
   We’re all see through just like glass, and we can shatter just as fast.”

   We all have hopes and ambitions and we all want to do something. We want to be known and loved. We want to stand out and make a difference. Yet why are we still sitting around wishing we were who we always wanted to be? Now is the time to be that person. See, when I was younger I used to have this idea of who I would be when I was a teenager. I would be strong and brave; I would share the gospel and just love people. But the other day I realized I wasn’t as brave or courageous as I wanted to be when I was younger. I always kinda assumed it would just happen. But that’s not how it works. “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” (‘This Is Your Life’, Switchfoot.)

   Have you ever wanted a friend who you can just be yourself around? And I mean, really, no pretending at all; just being 100% yourself and to be comfortable with that. We’ve all wanted a friend like that. But why aren’t all our friends that way? Why are we so afraid to be who we are? Criticism? Are we afraid people won’t like us? We need to stop being afraid of what other people think of us. I’m saying this because I do the same thing. Its quite amazing really how much people’s opinions can impact us. I’ve really been thinking about that and pondering why that is. Why a comment from someone can make or break you or why you can’t just tell everyone who you really are.

   I don’t know about you but I’m tired of waiting around to be who I’ve always wanted to be and I’m even more tired of wondering how people view me. I want to be myself. If people don’t like it then that’s their problem. But really, its mind boggling how much power people have over us.

   That reminds me of something I read in the book Do Hard Things. They talked about how people in Africa (I think…) could make a giant elephant stay in one spot by tying a small rope to its leg and attaching it to a wooden peg in the ground. How do they get the elephant (that can clearly break that rope) to stay put? They start when they’re young can they use bigger chains. But as they grow they can then use the rope, because the elephant isn’t aware of its own strength.

   The same goes for us. The opinions of others can’t hold us down. Did you know that you can break the chains? They have no power over you.

   Sorry for this post that was all…not steady. I jumped around a lot. My mind is not focused at the moment. I just want to encourage people. I want to encourage you guys to rise above the expectations and be who you really are. Just because everyone dresses a certain way doesn’t mean you have to, or just because everyone likes a certain thing doesn’t mean that you have to.

   My friend told me that my gift is being able to see people for who they really are. That really got to me because I slowly realized she was right. I have a different perspective. I see the good in people, even the worst people. Because there’s a light in everyone. See, maybe some of you are afraid to be yourself because no one has ever saw any good in you. Maybe you aren’t confident because no one else ever had any confidence in you. This is why I see the good in people. Because maybe they can’t recognize their own strength. Maybe someone just needs to tell them that they can break the rope on their leg.

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