Meet Silas!

Hello everyone! Yes, my sibling posts are over (You’re probably excited about that.) but there is someone else I would like to introduce you to. His name is Silas. He’s a little boy who’s been battling cancer for I think, the last year. Silas is an adorable little boy and he is an inspiration to his whole family and so many others. This is something I got from his Facebook page, Praying For Silas.
   “Tonight Silas and I were talking. I told him that he is going to be better than OK no matter what happens. If God heals him and wants him to stay on the earth or if God heals him and takes him to Heaven he will be better than OK, he will be great! Silas says to me “NO! I will be FANTASTIC when I am in Heaven!”

   That is a brave little boy. He’s braver than a lot of adults in the world today! Please keep Silas in your prayers. He’s had a rough journey and especially lately things have been hard. His cancer has spread and grown larger and there is no curable treatment for it. Please pray for him and his family. Pray that they would trust God and that God would perform a miracle. I don’t know about you, but I certainly believe God does miracles.

   God has a way of using the situations that seem the worst to reveal Himself through. Even when all hope seems lost, God is still in control. I remember going to the doctor a lot and wanting to just get better already but I would sing the chorus of Cling To You by Trip Lee. It says:

   “Lord it may get better, but it may not. So when I pray God, I pray I would trust you whether or not the pain stops. So when the pain falls coming down like raindrops, I just gotta cling to you.”

   A thing about Silas is, he really likes sea turtles. So whenever you see a sea turtle just say a short prayer for him. I know God is with them and He can do anything.

   Stay strong little Silas. I pray that God blesses you just like you’ve blessed us.

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