Well I had been anxiously awaiting a post from dear Becca about another member of her family I have simply decided to finish up my family and post about my big brother, Shane.

   Yes, at long last people, I’m blogging about Shane. Now, if you only follow my blog and don’t know me in person than you probably don’t get it. Honestly, I don’t really know either. All my friends that I know personally are just really excited for this post. Not too sure why. Though most people at my church think Shane’s the greatest kid ever and might be really excited to see what I have to say about it.

   My brother is a year older than me, that’s the closest age gap in my family. After me is Dayle, who’s 4 years younger than me. So before Dayle I spent a considerable amount of time with just my brother. Most of my best childhood memories are of playing toys and goofing off with him. I can remember laying in my bottom bunk at night with him on the top and we would talk about Star Wars or AWANA or whatever.

   We also argued a lot. Actually, we still argue a lot. But many of you know when I was 12 we were evicted from our home and I didn’t live with my brother for over 7 months. I saw him once or twice a week and I texted him almost every day, especially when I was in the homeless shelter because honestly, I was bored out of my mind. I really enjoyed our limited time together during that year and not having seen him really grew our friendship.

   Shane really is a man of God. He is so strong in his faith and soooooooooooo many people look up to him. He’s also a great older brother to all of us. See the picture above? Yeah, I have a picture just like that with every sibling. Another thing about Shane: he eat, sleeps and breathes baseball. He’s been a catcher for his baseball team since…well, a really long time. He can play any  position really but catching is his thing. His coach once said that he was the best catcher in the league. That’s a bold statement. (So just remember this post when he’s in the major leagues.)

   Shane has a sense of humor and a ton of wisdom! One of my friends even calls him a walking bible because he can just pull verses up for any situation. He can also debate like nobody’s business. Another thing I admire about my brother is his bible…I really don’t know how he reads it or understands all the notes he has in it. Its literally filled with notes and cross references and who knows what. It’s also practically falling to pieces; he got his bible when he was very young and he’s had it ever since.

   A lot of people know him as Captain America, since a lot of people we know go by which Avenger is most like them, and his fits perfectly. He’s a natural leader and when he speaks, people listen. I got to hear him and his best friend do a talk at a church retreat last fall and it was amazing! I just looked around the audience and everyone was at the edge of their seats listening intently.

   I know if I ever have problems or questions or just need to rant, I go to Shane. Just last week I went down to his room and just ranted to him and asked questions and all that fun stuff and he stayed up until midnight talking to me. Now, being the older brother he’s very protective. He’s already planned on how to threaten a boy if he ever asks me out and don’t ever get him started on when little Lois starts dating. Last week at high school group I fell and twisted my ankle a bit and he ran out onto the court and pulled me out and made me sit until the game was over to keep me safe. These are just some examples of why he’s a great big brother.

   So to sum that all up for you: my brother is fantastic. I have those moments where I want to punch him in the face and scream at him and all that, but overall he’s great. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. My prayer for the little boys in my family is that they would grow to be like him. That’s also my prayer for the boys in my youth group, that they would become men of God like my brother.

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