Hi! As most of you are aware I have been dedicating a post to each one of my siblings as are some other bloggers. To see each post you can click on the ‘My Family’ tag on the right side of my blog and that’ll show you all the other posts.

   So people keep telling me that they can’t wait to read what I post about my older brother, Shane. Apparently they’re all really excited to read it. So just to keep them all waiting, I’m doing the blog about him last. *evil laugh* That means today’s post will be about my little sister, Lois.

   Lois was named after a bible study teacher that my mom had who passed away a while back. My mom always said that she would name her baby girl Lois, and even told her that. Lois had told her not to name a baby after her but after having a few kids we now have little Lo Lo.

   Lois is pretty much the definition of girly. She just adores dresses and the colors pink and purple. If you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would say “A princess.” She also loves doing ballet along with any sort of dancing. Even with all this, Lois has definitely learned from me. She can name pretty much all the X-Men, all the Avengers and pretty much any Marvel character out there. She’s a geek genius. And she’s only a preschooler. Just like me, she also likes dying her hair. Right now she has a little purple streak in the front. We love doing our hair weird colors:)

   This is some of her dancing to a song that her and Shane did for a talent show at our youth group. The funniest part is at the end when she quits because she wants to eat her cupcake…

   I just love Lois. When we picked that name before she was born I told my mom that if that was going to be her name then no one could object if I called her Lowbacca. (Like, from Star Wars. Chewies nephew.) So especially recently she’s been asking me why I call her Lowbacca. I needed to tell her it was from Star Wars and in the books, they call Lowbacca, Lowie. Which is another of her nicknames. It works.

   This little girl is just the light of my life. I remember holding her when she was a baby and singing her to sleep. I was so thrilled when I got a sister after having 3 boys in a row. I love cuddling her and playing with her and tickling her. We have this thing where we try and see who loves each other more. I’ll say I love you and she’ll say “I love you more.”

   “I love you most.”
   “I love you more than you love me.”
   “I love you to the moon and back.”
   “I love you infinity!”
   “I love you infinity plus never ending!”
   “I love you infinity plus never ending plus 12!”

   And so on. Don’t ask why but Lois seems to think that “Plus 12” is the ultimate trump card.

   I think I could probably post a trillion and 3 pictures of her. She loves posing for pictures and since I love photography, we make the ultimate team.


   The collage one is pretty much all of the best pictures of her. She’s adorable. Yes, she can be a drama queen, but she’s also a princess. One time she told me “When there’s a storm, I don’t have to be afraid! Because God is with me!” I think we can all learn from those wise words from this little girl.

   So yeah! That’s my sister for you. I love her to death. I can’t wait to see her personality come out more as she gets older. She’s going to be a great young woman of God one day:)

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