Yes, it’s true that neither Becca nor Joy have blogged (Joy is the newest addition to this little sibling blog post challenge Becca issued to me.) but since today is my little brother Ryne’s 2nd birthday I probably would have blogged about him anyway. Besides…

   So now, onto talking about my brother. Well, his name is Ryne and he’s named after Ryne Sandberg from the Cubs baseball team. Just like his namesake, Ryne loves sports, though mostly hockey…

Ryne seriously lights up my life. He makes me happy and I love hugging him and playing with him and listening to him laugh when I tickle him. He’s so funny and he has the best laugh ever. I also adore listening to him talk! His voice….ahhh 🙂 But one of the greatest things in life is when he falls asleep in my arms. Like….wow. There are just no words to describe it. I love this baby to pieces.

   Ryne also loves Doctor Who. (Though he calls him Doctor Who instead of just the Doctor. But he’s young.) If you can’t tell with this video, my brother is kind of the most adorable kid on the planet and I am so blessed by him every day. Like tonight at dinner he prayed and all we got out of it was “Dear God, thank you…” and the rest was gibberish. Or earlier we sang happy birthday to him and then he just shouted “Again!” He just does these little cute things that make everyone smile. We found out that my mom was pregnant at a really hard time for my family, but It was God’s way of giving us a blessing. We didn’t even know our family wasn’t complete. My Mom probably wouldn’t have chosen that for herself, but God knew we needed a little crazy Doctor Who loving, sports fanatic boy in our family.

   Little Rynerz brings us so much joy and I thank God for him. I can’t wait to see the little man of God he’s going to be.

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follower of Jesus. Artist. Feminist. Life enthusiast.

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